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MyGrain - Signs Of Existence (CD)

Signs Of Existence
by Harry Papadopoulos at 08 April 2008, 11:37 AM

I always believed, with only some exceptions, that the second and the third album of a band is the most critical ones for what a band can achieve. So is the second album of MYGRAIN, Signs Of Existence, the album that will bury the band, make all their fans talking for them and become a bigger band or we have to wait for their third album to be sure what's going on with them?

The band is relatively young, since it started its journey in 2004. Tommy, Resistor and Matthew formed MYGRAIN just after their former band came to an end. They released two demos. In both of them Jonas played bass, but he became a full part of the band just after their second demo, The Red Frame in 2005. Spinefarm Records approached the band after a while in order to sign a contract. The result was MYGRAIN's debut album Orbit Dance in 2006. After that the band did an extended tour in Finland and started writing new material. So, here we are, in early 2008 to listen to their new album Sign Of Existence.

An album that is not going to change the map of the Metal scene since it has nothing innovative in it. It follows the path that bands like IN FLAMES and SONIC SINDICATE have already walked. We can say that - even though MYGRAIN is form Finland - the band musically belongs to the 'Gothenburg Metal' scene. What you can listen to that album is mostly high speeds, with sharp guitars, nice rhythm section, catchy melodies and the classic brutal vocals in the songs and melodic ones in the choruses. Even more, you will listen to some female vocals in the background in some songs. The bad thing is that some compositions are predictable. You just know what is going to follow. This is something normal, though, since they don't play something new. If I had to choose some songs from the album, those would be This Perfect Chaos, Translucent Dreams and The Psychonaut.

Sign Of Existence is an enjoyable album to listen to. Nice melodies, catchy choruses and everything that a fan of the 'Gothenburg Metal' scene would want. But I believe that they don't have that something. They have to explore other paths too and not play safe. Lots of bands are playing like them, so MYGRAIN have to do something to stand out of the rest.

3 Star Rating

Translucent Dreams
This Perfect Chaos
Asphyxiated And Inflammable
Shed The Second Skin
Walk Puppet Walk
Killing Time
The Psychonaut
Human Wasteland
Final Frontier
Tommy - Vocals
Resistor - Guitar
Matthew - Guitar
Eve - Synths
DJ Locomotive - Drums
Jonas - Bass
Record Label: Spinefarm Records


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