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Myproof - Metal For Silent Fury

Metal For Silent Fury
by Spyros Stasis at 31 December 2012, 2:03 PM

MYPROOF is a Metalcore bandfrom Japan has been around for almost 10 years now, and “Metal for Silent Fury” is their newest release (first with a label Spiritual Beast Records all the bands previous releases were independent). To put it simply if you like Metalcore bands and have a soft spot for technicality and melodic guitar solos then they will not disappoint you.

MYPROOF seem to have a good grasp on songwriting, their songs sound like typical Metalcore songs, nice grooves on the drums and quite impressive guitar playing. They use mostly harsh vocals (similar to melodic Death Metal bands in my opinion) and their melodies are directly influenced by IRON MAIDEN, while their Hardcore side resembles bands like CALIBAN and THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, also the performance of the two guitarists reminds a bit of the way of playing of ARCH ENEMY (The way Mike Amott works with a second guitarist). There are also few places where they unleash a few Thrashier riffs, for example the beginning of “The Guidance” and on “Fly Me To The End”.

On the other hand there are a few issues with this release. The band claims to use influences of Japanese music and anime inspired sound but I cannot find that many in their songs (although I don’t have much anime knowledge so it might slipped by me). The intro “Silent Fury” does sound a bit more like something that would come out of an anime but other than that I cannot really hear what the band meant by traditional Japanese music influences other than the lyrics being in Japanese (maybe with the exception of “Tokyo City Lights” interlude). Also the clean vocals are quite sparse on the album and to me it seems like some parts are screaming for more clean vocals.

Another problem is the production, although the guitars, bass and vocals sound really well recorded and worked thoroughly the drums sound lifeless on the album in whole. It is not that they are bad sounding (they are actually quite clear) but if they were better produced or mixed in the album it would make their sound much more aggressive and less mechanical and give the band that extra boost they seem to need.

Still “Metal for Silent Fury” is not a bad album; it just does not have many new things to offer. If the band used more anime influences and tried to experiment a bit more with Japanese music I am sure they could produce something quite fresh and unique, they are good musicians and have done a really good job producing the album themselves (guitarist Shimpei produced it). The thing is that there are so many bands these days that play Metalcore that it is quite rare to hear something new and exciting in the genre.

3 Star Rating

1. Silent Fury
2. Earthbound
3. Soldiers in Dead City
4. The Guidance
5. Lost Destination
6. Fly Me To The End
7. Limited Reality
8. Pop Off
9. Sepia Wind
10. Tokyo City Lights
11. Lightning Storm
Thor- Vocals
Tadashi- Drums
Kai- Guitar
Shimpei- Guitar & Vocals
Record Label: Spiritual Beast Records


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