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Myr - Days of Convergence

Days Of Convergence
by Jay Pearson at 15 July 2014, 3:06 PM

Named using the geological/astronomical term for 'Million Years', MYR claim to be sculpting the scene of a 'nuanced and devious metropolis atmosphere' with their their own dark and faceted musical language. Hailing from Rome, Italy, MYR have been a musical statment since as early as 2005, playing fesitvals such as, Miscela Rock Festival 2009, along the way.

After years of refining their live sound, writing and rewriting songs, MYR have embarked on their maiden voyage with the release of "Days of Convergence." Signed to the Areasonica label, the band have definitely put their heart and souls into their release, trying to make their first quest as epic and rewarding as the effort they have put in.

I can only describe their sound as Western culture, with Eastern influence. The vocal stylings of Enrico Giannacco are definitely reminiscent of Serj Tankien, know for his work with System of a Down. This atmospheric, seven track, musical endeavour brings a blend of Industrial, Progressive and Heavy Metal, leaving a confusion as to which direction they want to head in.

The album opens with "Apprentice", which is quite a slow-burning intro into the album, starting out very melodic before dropping  a riff, which promises to lift the song and propel it into a much darker zone… But, it soon dies down and falls gracefully back into a subdued and melodic vocal section. This is evident through each of the songs, every track seems to follow the same vocal style, taking the energetic riffs and killing them off into a soft abyss. Track five, "Connections", is the prime example, it starts out with so much energy, a tonne of charisma and a heap of potential, but it seems to be taken away. It almost as if the band are holding back from expanding their sound past what they may find a 'comfort zone.'

MYR, definitely show a lot of potential in their writing, their knowledge of deep, sensual melodical thinking, but they need to be able to balance the energy of their songs a lot more efficiently. I expect a lot more in the future, its never easy to get it correct on the first try.

2 Star Rating

1. Apprentice

2. Filler

3. Land Art

4. Diva

5. Connections

6. December

7. To Err Is Human
Enrico Giannacco - Vocals, Guitars and Effects
Nunzio Sannino
- Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Effects
Dario Morgillo -
Keyboards, Piano and Effects

Simone D’Alessandri - Bass
Ruben Ramirez
- Drums, Electronic Drums and Percussions
Record Label: Areasonica Records


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