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MYR – Habits Award winner

by Jess at 17 May 2017, 2:11 PM

MYR is the period of one million years, in geological and astronomical sciences. “Music is the art of time and time is the “place” where music lives”. MYR was born in 2003, but chose this name in 2009, releasing their debut album “Days of Convergence” in 2013. They are back with their sophomore effort “Habits”. It was released in November 2016. “"Habits" are consuetude, habitude. Our habits take possession of us and force us into a routine in which we begin to forget our dreams, our plans.” This album comes in with ten tracks and a listening time of about 46 minutes.

The opening track “Monster Love” starts off with a middle Eastern flare. What a perfect way to mix a Progressive Metal with a more Folk feel right off the bat. The vocals are soft and harsh and completely drenched in accent. At about :40 the harder more Progressive music hits and it’s glorious. All the elements, even those of that Folk feel, are intertwined magically. The drums are hard and navigate easily and the bass is thick and chunky. This track is low, but the guitars and vocals help balance it that out without taking away from it.

Track two, “Addiction”, I hear a little bit of a TOOL-esque influence in the bass and drum play. Being a die-hard TOOL fan, I was immediately struck. While the track as a whole sounds nothing alike, there is that feel, so the comparison is there. Again, the track is a little lower, but the keys do a phenomenal job at bringing the overall tone up a bit, along with the vocals. The last :30 is filled to the brim with perfect musicianship. While the entire track is amazing, I was awed at the last bit of this one.

 “Black Sea”, track four, brings back a very Eastern influenced track. The drums are incredible. Everything is incredible. This is easily one of my favorite tracks. There is so much to enjoy from this track that I could write an entire review for this track alone, and it’s only a five-and-a-half-minute piece. The vocals range is so great that it completes every aspect of this track. All the goodness in one place for all the enjoy, this is it.

Track six, “Aaron & Miriam”, starts off slow and ethereal. There is something incredibly spacy about this track, and it is amazing. This track as a bit of Alternative Metal meets Progressive Metal and had a perfect baby. There are contrasting vocals, whimsical effects and key work, chunky bass lines, perfect drum work and guitars that are brilliantly composed.

Habits”, title track and track nine, starts similar to the first track with a vocal intro, that is very different from the usual instrumental intros. It was awesome on every level. The vocal ranges were phenomenal and the keys that are lightly played are perfect. Those effects last until about 1:40 when we get a bit harder with the guitars. The muted, low key vocals with help from the overall sound keeps the music flowy and soft. The drums come in hard with about three minutes left, blasting the tempo off into the stratosphere. With that, the guitars and bass burst forth into a beautiful fury finishing out the track 180 degrees from where it started.

The final track, “The Thrill of Common Life” comes in with the sounds of everyday life. The keys create a soft backing to the whispered vocals. Still keeping with this light composition, the vocals are soft, but strong creating what feels like an awfully sad but beautifully performed ending to a masterpiece album.

MYR has extraordinary talent and “Habits” is proof of it. These guys are for fans of TOOL, TYPE O NEGATIVE, PORCUPINE TREE, ect. They have their own sound, but if you need something for comparison, there is it. The beauty in this album is purely original and grips you in your bones. MYR are artists and “Habits” is their work of art and absolutely an album to check out.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Monster Love
2. Addiction
3. Snake Charmer
4. Black Sea
5. Envy
6. Aaron & Miriam
7. Of Porn and Deception
8. Laramidia
9. Habits
10. The Thrill of Common Life
Enrico Giannacco: Vocals, Guitars, and Effects
Nunzio Sannino: Lead and Rhythm Guitars, and Effects
Dario Morgillo: Keyboards, Piano and Effects
Simone D’Alessandri: Bass
Record Label: Revalve Records


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