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Myrah - My Deliverance

My Deliverance
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 20 September 2012, 4:07 PM

Melancholy and a new hope, pessimism and endless happiness, Death and rebirth, personal failure and journey to the top, grey and white, there is a fine line between what is positive and its negative counterpart but if you think about it, their unification is what we all call the average way of life. Looking into one’s self for the search of a new meaning, something to hang on to, a source to rely hopes on, is one of the most difficult tasks, especially if one is not too sure of himself or his ability to contribute, to offer and share his deliverance. Between what is concerned as Gothic or melancholic or even doomy to a certain extent, lays the cold and shimmering likes of the Swedish band called MYRAH, in the name of the princess of the lost and the grey. Rather newly signed to the Finnish Inverse Records, MYRAH, which has been loyal to the catchiest moments and harmonic morose canters of Gothic Metal in the vein of pretty exciting, and more towards the Finnish, examples such as SENTENCED, ENTWINE, POISONBLACK, TO/DIE/FOR and even some PARADISE LOST and KLIMT 1918, released their second release, “My Deliverance”. In a nutshell, MYRAH issues great Gothic Metal showcase along with enriching it with slight Alternative means that would at least ensure their own slender signature on the music.

Throughout the dramatic overtones of “My Deliverance”, MYRAH made me notice how addictive Gothic Metal can actually be and its hold. The album’s production suited it like a velvet glove on a frosty hand but without the warmth. MYRAH wanted to channel hopelessness but with means to end thus the wintry features of the sound worked like a charm. The music’s simple harmonic nature, provided well by the amazing guitar works pitching great groovy and heavy riffing, melodic monikers crossing from end to end, hanging Synth for the provision of the grey atmosphere where nothing is certain or too sure and vocal line that might be frosty, even icy, yet with burst of emotion that convinced me that it can be different. MYRAH, though clinging more or less to the same lines that eventually brought them glory on this here release, took me to a long trip through vast different places in the region of yet another deep cognitive globe, a world where gone astray populace find themselves once again following something to hope for in the remainder of their ongoing harsh lives. In general, nearly the whole tracklist followed the same patterns, although not too overly creative of the Swedish chaps, yet their material drew me and made adhere to their calls. “Desolation” and “Illusions” appeared as the band’s greatest displays of the Finnish oriented coldness of Gothic Metal, though with reoccurring riffing, it didn’t matter that much because the melodies were the true essence of MYRAH’s musical doctrine. Of course I can’t forget the choral choruses and the incredible orchestration that made everything tick in the back. I can also recommend on the rest of the tracklist even if it can be somewhat repetitive in general.

Lost and barren in a world of desperation isn’t the answer to anyone, there is always hope that something will shine upon those who gone astray and can’t believe in good fortunes. “My Deliverance” is MYRAH’s way to show that behind the screen of grey clouds there are beacons of light to each person. Their music would take each lost soul into a journey through the unknown but with a message that everything will be ok.

4 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Illusions
3. Sorrow & Tears
4. The Light of a New Day
5. My Deliverance
6. A New Dawn
7. As Memories Fade Away
8. Desolation
9. An Angels Requiem
10. The Shadow 
Patrik Essman-Vocals & Guitar
Tobias Lepistö- Lead Guitar
Micael Svan-Bass
Natalie Duarte-Drums
Josefin Berg-Synth
Record Label: Inverse Records


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