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Myronath - Djevelkraft Award winner

by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 18 August 2021, 10:17 AM

To begin with, people must forget a wrong idea: Black Metal wasn’t born in Norway. In reality, it was born in the late 70’s by the hands of VENOM (an English band), but with a huge contribution of BATHORY (a Swedish band) on creating the blue print of the genre on “Under the Sign of the Black Mark”, and names as SARCÓFAGO and HOLOCAUSTO (from Brazil) helped both on the artistic visual (the corpse painting and the heavy use of spikes) as in the musical aspects. And many people seem to forget as well that, concomitantly with was happening in the Norwegian scene, Greece, Finland, Sweden and other countries had boiling cauldrons from where bands from the genre were born as well. So to hear an album as “Djevelkraft”, from the Swedish quartet MYRONATH showing such a level isn’t a surprise.

It’s the famous (and infamous) Swedish Black Metal model what’s heard in their musical work, sharing the same elements and similarities with names as DISSECTION, LOD BELIAL, DARK FUNERAL, NAGLFAR, NECROPHOBIC, SETHERIAL and others, but with a personal approach that uses some elements from other schools as well (some nasty agonizing clean vocals in a similar way to Attila Csihar can be heard in some moments). It’s fast and brutal, but uses some nasty and crude melodies (maybe a listening on “The Sword of Satan” and you’ll have the clear idea of what these words mean), and with a massive energetic impact. Yes, it’s very good, indeed.

Swedish Black Metal has a proper way of sound, and “Djevelkraft” respects it. The sonority have that aggressive and crude approach, but allowing the listener to understand what’s being played. Of course, it could be better, but it’s very good by now. The massive and aggressive energy that flow “Evil Unchained” (based on the guitar riffs, both on fast as on the atmospheric moments), the very good technical work shown on “She Who Dwells in Flames” (that bears some very good Thrash Metal parts on the guitars), the rhythmic contrasts shown on “Radix Diaboli” (what means that bass guitar and drums are showing a good technical and heavy work), the traditional Black Metal approach of “Till Aska”, the rough melodic touch shown on “The Sword of Satan” and “Evigt Mörker” (both with very good shrieked tunes on the vocals), and the raw and aggressive approach used on “In Regno Tenebris” are the best moments, but all the songs are really very good.

MYRONATH still have more potential to make greater music than is shown on the album, so let’s hope that evolution takes its toll. But “Djevelkraft” shows that the quartet is on the right path, and deserves to be heard at a loud volume!

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Evil Unchained
2. She Who Dwells in Flames
3. Radix Diaboli
4. Effigy of Malediction
5. Till Aska
6. The Sword of Satan
7. Evigt Mörker
8. To Walk the Paths of the Dead
9. Reborn in Chaos
10. In Regno Tenebris
11. Beyond the Veil of Death
Hellcommander Vargblod - Bass, Vocals
Bjarkan - Guitars
Myrkheim - Guitars
Fredrik Andersson - Drums
Record Label: Hellstain Records


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