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Myst - Mystagogia

by Dave “That Metal Guy” Campbell at 08 April 2015, 9:30 AM

MYST is a Heavy/Power Metal band based out of Greece. This ten-track, full-length album is the band’s debut, release on an independent label. The opening track “The Legion Rises” is presented with a hasty, purposeful opening riff, surrounded in mystery. As it picks up pace and additional instrumentation, it sounds like the anthem to an army of dissidents. “Initiation” has a dirty, gritty riff and some double bass bombast. Swift in pace, they do a nice job creating a haunting and suspenseful mood following the second chorus and bridge section of the piece. It provides a lasting balance between the often upbeat nature of Power Metal in general.

“Enlightenment” is another song with a strong opening riff and I appreciate the creativity they are showing here. Vocal harmonies in the chorus really push this track well. “The Missing Link” opens in a somber but determined way, and we hear the familiar twang of twin lead guitars carrying the melody. They really pour a lot into the chorus here which thickens up the song nicely. The first real variation we run into on the album is the regal theme of “Osiris Awaken”, which is a slower and more deliberant melody, where the guitars carry an Egyptian sound at times. Once again they absolutely nail the segues that connect the song back to the original melody following the second chorus. It is chocked full of additional melodies and moods. “Can We” has a deep bass guitar opening and I really like the way it stamps on the track, combined with some really nimble and nifty lead guitar work. They hit the accents nicely here as well, in tightly crafted meter.

“Sithis” keeps the more mystical side of the album alive here with another tie-in to Egyptian mythos. Though the pace is hastened with double bass, there is plenty of melody along the way. “Whispers” is a really well done detour from most of the other tracks. The keyboard parts are just moving, though short lived. It’s also a track where you can really take in Fedon’s voice. It’s really akin to the power ballad of the 1980’s Glam scene, and who doesn’t like a good power ballad? “Demon in Disguise” closes the album with a raspy and aggressive main riff and some powerful, lamenting vocals.

Overall, this album make a nice niche into the present day world of Power Metal, which is really coming on strong in the Metal community as a whole. It is done in the great traditions of the genre, but not overly done as some of this style can be at times. There is a nice balance of vocals and instrumentation, and they use just enough outside sounds like keys and other background music to keep it fresh. My only constructive criticism might be to keep going with some more instrumentation particularly in the verse and chorus areas to expand and deepen their sound.

4 Star Rating

1. The Legion Rises
2. Initiation
3. Enlightenment
4. The Missing Link
5. Osiris Awaken
6. Battle of Gods
7. Can We
8. Sithis
9. Whispers
10. Demon in Disguise
Fedon Diamantopoulus – Vocals
Chris Dempegiotis – Lead Guitars
Jim Kyritsis – Rhythm Guitars
Peter Roumanas – Bass
Petros – Drums
Record Label: Rock Of Angels Records


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