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Mysterizer - The Holy War 1095

The Holy War 1095
by Craig Rider at 06 January 2022, 10:37 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: MYSTERIZER; signed via Rockshot Records, hailing from Finnish grounds - performing Heavy Metal, on their sophomore album entitled: “The Holy War 1095 (released September 3rd, 2021). Since formation in 2018; the sextet in question have an EP entitled: “Tales From Mystery Days” (released May 18th, 2018), 4 Singles entitled: “Trails Of Blood” (released February 1st, 2019), “Take And Go” (released August 2nd, 2019), “Alea Iacta Est” (released September 7th, 2020) & “King Of Kings” (released November 20th, 2020) alongside 2 Full-length albums entitled: “Invisible Enemy” (released August 16th, 2019) & this here 2nd album entitled: “The Holy War 1095” in their discography so far. 10 tracks ranging at around 49:43; MYSTERIZER arranges an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Heavy Metal developments.

Opening up with a battering ram of reverb; “Burn Witch Burn” charges into a barraged frenzy of harmonic heft, rumbling thuds & sturdy solidity…where this vibrantly potent melody manifests with trailblazing tempos among a dense foundation on remedial catchiness. A borderline calamity on riveting synthesis & symphonic maelstrom proficiencies showcase this thunderous smack of rhythmic stability. The lineup are of a prestigious quality, ramifying this prodigious symbiosis of twinning guitar hooks from Mike Hammer & Henri Hänninen, which rollicks with rapidly swift nimbleness among a razor-sharp hook. As this mountainous dexterity distils a fluidly dynamic element in distinctive entrance, rhapsody & mellifluous heaviness. A euphonic contrast between punchy jumpiness & throaty yells from consisting vocalist Tomi Kurtti who soars with organic pipes, among a shouty substance that roars with rough virtuosity while throttling with orchestral epicness which slays with ripping shreds to boot.

King Of Kings” starts off with the sermons of the sinner hailing a righteous leader, until more belting choppiness crafts a chime hymn of crunchy punchiness & jumpy zeal. The vocals here have a distinct Bruce Dickenson vibe to it, injecting a flair of volatile songwriting musicianship & mythical instrumentation. As an infectious aesthetic of keyboardist strife from ambitiously elegant rifter Jay Palmroos unleashes an excelling prowess on reveling stridency. “Last Stand Hill” shares this SABATON-esque merger while IRON MAIDEN like hybrids gravitates with uniquely versatile vehemence. An interestingly intriguing culmination of the influential spectrum and it definitely works well, a grandiose grandeur on majestically heroic but fable-like conundrums bombastically harald with singsong exquisites in the victorious “Virus C”. High-pitched mellow persists with monumental perseverance, where salubriously tuneful prerequisites piledrives rambunctiously with this upbeat outre among a chiseling experimentation of full force impact and discordant but cordial impulse.

A clobbering precision pounds with pummelling stompiness from hammering drummer Joni Kylätie who surges with steely taps and audibly weighty tightness, where the sulfurous “Sin After Sin” (not to be confused with the JUDAS PRIEST staple classic), thumping out this rampantly rompy finesse as flamboyant tonalities progressively rips with towering but empowering grit. Not to forget bass trembling synergy from Ian Guidestone…flickering with rich tremor and concrete tenor. “The Fountain Of Immortals” shrouds speakers with sublime loftiness next, where this resounding solemn strikes with harbouring but lordy sovereign, still materialising boisterously bouncy slickness while royal-like glory charms with meticulous technicality & progressive robustness. While “Alea Iacta Est” has a more steamrolling fabrication embedded, as an exalting intensity immersively enthralls with transfixing hypnotism and an angelic RHAPSODY OF FIRE approach captivates a holy ritual of mythical proportions.

Hereos” has a snappy quirk to it, as blazing but courageous pursuits profusely tells the tale of the herluclean halls of war while celestial but heavenly divinity depicts a diaphanous enrapture of chronicle conjuration. While the chanty “Dangerous Game” materialises more gossamer subtlety, as driving but spiritually otherworldly spellbinds eardrums into a whirlpool of stampeding solos & thrilling yet mesmerizing grips absorbs into you with superlunary proportion. Overall concluding “The Holy War 1095” with the titular track itself; A kind of medieval synth work near the end entrances me with symphonious mystery, I am compelled to say that MYSTERIZER most surely outdone themselves with this one. It’s a Power Metal fantasy fueled on majesty with this spectacle of might in similar vein to that of MANOWAR and the aforementioned bands as a whole, this record is an enjoyably entertaining discovery should you fancy a Power Metal galloper at a frolicking pace. Worthy of spinning and replaying, do check it out.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Burn Witch Burn
2. King Of Kings
3. Last Stand Hill
4. Virus C
5. Sin After Sin
6. The Fountain Of Immortals
7. Alea Iacta Est
8. Heroes
9. Dangerous Game
10. The Holy War 1095
Mike Hammer - Guitars
Tomi Kurtti - Vocals
Ian Guidestone - Bass
Joni Kylätie - Drums
Jay Palmroos - Keyboards
Henri Hänninen - Guitars
Record Label: Rockshots Records


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