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Mystic Prophecy - Never-Ending (Reissue)

Mystic Prophecy
Never-Ending (Reissue)
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 21 July 2017, 11:06 PM

An end of an era, a time period that could have been the big break, yet it was delayed forward. MYSTIC PROPHECY were set to the conquer the European Metal scene with their heaviest form of Metal. However, the release of their third album, “Never-Ending” was a sign that things were about to change. The mighty riffer and soloist, Gus G. would eventually leave the band to concentrate on his more band than a project, FIREWIND, he also took a step backwards from the Swedish DREAM EVIL around that time as well. Moreover, “Never-Ending” was also the band’s last album with Nuclear Blast Records, a label which a decade ago already made itself a temple of giants. MYSTIC PROPHECY’s current label, ever since the break away from Nuclear Blast, Massacre Records, made this final reissue of certainly one of the band’s heaviest fists of steel and a tremendous memory, and with a bonus of two tracks that did the album justice.

Ever since listening to the debut “Vengeance”, there has never been a real step forward with MYSTIC PROPHECY’s musical perception. It pretty much remained the same. Nonetheless, they well developed their sound, and mix, resulting in a full and chunky metallic sensation, which in a way turned out to be the band’s signature to date. “Never-Ending” an utmost heaviness, with an assault of riffs that only guitarists such as Gus G. could muster, delivering 80s melodic Heavy Metal along with titanic shreds of early 90s Bay Area Thrash Metal, and of course decisively manifesting a lead guitar art, a sort that eventually brought fame. The songwriting had been, as always, by the book, portraying the same song structures, living and dying for the essence of the song, and with a heavy load of motivation and conviction. Some might call it play it safe, yet I believe that it is either spot on or a total miss, like a 50/50 situation. The band has always put its weight also on how the song will sound live, will it gear up the audience for a sing-along, and it actually works, I saw these guys live and it does work. “Never-Ending” simply reprises the same elements altogether, keeping every song as a gripping moment, always strives for a victory.

On the other hand, like I mentioned previously, it can go either way, for better or for worse. “When I’m Falling” actually emerged as the album’s black sheep, circling modern Metal but not letting go of the old flame. However, still isn’t the best of what this band can produce. In a sort of a weird way, it proved that MYSTIC PROPHECY are better off with remaining traditional and true to their nature, as it seems that any attempt to stray from the path, leads them into lesser results, at least as emphasized on “Never-Ending”. So, here we go with the songs that made this album a massive experience: “Dust Of Evil”, last bonus “The King Is Back” that should have been an integral part of this album from the get go, “Burning Bridges” and “In Hell”. Since these tracks share the same qualities, it would be only fair for you guys to just head on and listen to them without me babbling on each. But beware, those songs have teeth and might take a chance and reach for your neck.

Only time will tell, this is how the song goes. For MYSTIC PROPHECY, the departure of Gus G. surely didn’t stop them from heading out strong. Two guitarists were recruited in his place to make the band sound even more hard to the core. Six albums were released since “Never-Ending” and for the band it appears to be a never ending journey.

Purchase Link: Massacre Records

4 Star Rating

1. Burning Bridges
2. Time Will Tell
3. Under A Darkened Sun
4. Dust Of Evil
5. In Hell
6. Never Surrender
7. Wings Of Eternity
8. When I'm Falling
9. Warriors Of Lies
10. Dead Moon Rising
11. Never-Ending
12. War In The Sky
13. The King Is Back
Roberto Dimitri Liapakis - Vocals
Gus G. - Guitars
Martin Albrecht - Bass
Dennis Ekdahl - Drums
Chity Somapala - Vocals
M. Nagel - Keyboards
Record Label: Massacre Records


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