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Mystic Prophecy - War Brigade Award winner

Mystic Prophecy
War Brigade
by Jeff Legg at 07 March 2016, 4:35 PM

Although I’m a music junkie and listen to an excessive amount of hard and heavy Rock ‘n Roll, there are a few bands that I consider my “go-to” bands. These are the mainstays that I can listen to at any given moment, no matter what the situation or what mood I’m in, and everything seems to get better. At the top of that list is MYSTIC PROPHECY, one such band that strikes a nerve down deep in my soul and one that I connect with on so many levels.

Hailing from Germany and playing a brand of music that will most likely appeal to fans of JUDAS PRIEST, DIO, and ACCEPT, to name a few, MYSTIC PROPHECY has steadily grown with each and every album and, for me, is one of the best Metal bands playing music today. Consisting of R.D. Liapakis on vocals, Laki Ragazas on guitars, Markus Pohl on guitars, Joey Roxx on bass, and Tristan Maiwurm on drums, this band possesses the proverbial “it” factor and has everything needed to become one of the elite draws in the Metal genre.

Almost two years after the release of their 2013 slab of metal, “Killhammer”, MYSTIC PROPHECY returns to action with their 9th studio album, “War Brigade”, via Massacre Records, once again raising the bar on their musical standard. Staying true to form, this talented collection of musicians knows the formula that works for them and continues to perfect their craft. Combining Power Metal with straight-up Heavy Metal, MYSTIC PROPHECY’s sound authentically resurrects the dark and mystical songwriting style of old school bands like JUDAS PRIEST and DIO, while mixing in the edgy but polished electricity prevalent in most European Power Metal headliners. Liapakis’ vocals really standout on “War Brigade”, delivering effortless power with just the right amount of melodic textures, the sound that has become the trademark of this band, while the guitar wizardry of Ragazas and Pohl take this record over the top.

Within the first ten seconds of the first track, “Follow The Blind”, you get an idea of just how powerful “War Brigade” is, as the rapid-fire tempo gets you into full Power Metal mode. The Power Metal theme shows up throughout the album on tracks like “Burning Out” (one of the heaviest song on the offering), as well as “Fight For One Nation”. But for me, this band is at its best when their classic metal influences are front and center. The second track, “Metal Brigade”, is a powerful guitar-driven anthem with the classic MYSTIC PROPHECY flair, and is one of my favorite tracks on the album. With songs like “The Crucifix”, “Pray for Hell”, “The Devil is Back”, “Good Day To Die”, and “War Panzer” continuing the onslaught of heaviness, the sixth track, “10,000 Miles Away”, sealed the deal for me. This down tempo masterpiece only solidifies my opinion that MYSTIC PROPHECY is as talented a Metal band as there is touring today, and on display is their songwriting prowess that, I believe, sets them apart from most of the bands that just play heavy music.

I had high hopes for “War Brigade”, and from the very first listen, I knew that it would be a contender for my 2016 Album of the Year. Now, more than ever, seeing MYSTIC PROPHECY play live is on my “Bucket List” of things to do before I die. Putting it bluntly, these guys are everything a Metal band should be. If you consider yourself a fan of Heavy Metal/Power Metal, MYSTIC PROPHECY is a band that you need to know and hear.

5 Star Rating

1. Follow The Blind
2. Metal Brigade

3. Burning Out

4. The Crucifix
5. Pray For Hell

6. 10.000 Miles Away

7. Good Day To Die

8. The Devil Is Back

9. War Panzer

10. Fight For One Nation

11. War Of Lies

12. Sex Bomb (Tom Jones Cover)
R.D. Liapakis - Vocals
Laki Ragazas - Guitars
Markus Pohl - Guitars
Joey Roxx - Bass Guitar
Tristan Maiwurm - Drums
Record Label: Massacre Records


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