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Mystic Circle - The Great Beast (CD)

Mystic Circle
The Great Beast
by Manolis Moundrianakis at 10 May 2001, 9:03 PM

Now there's something good and original compared to all the other stuff that comes out these days. The German band MYSTIC CIRCLE strike back with their fourth full length album named 'THE GREAT BEAST' which i think should be considered as one of the top albums of the year in the extreme music.

It seems that the band has developed an own musical style in this album, the speed was reduced and a more 'heavy' feeling took over taking MYSTIC CIRCLE to another level. A haunted and epic atmosphere dominates throughout the whole album combined with the awesome guitar riffs and drums which all together create 'THE GREAT BEAST'. The existence of various feelings makes the album even more interesting since it enables the listener to actually 'feel' MYSTIC CIRCLE's great music. All songs have a melancholic feeling which suddenly but still in a smooth way transforms into hate and aggressiveness accompanied by Beezlebub's brutal and hellish vocals. What also has to be noted cause it impressed me even more is that this band isn't the scrach'n'play my guitar kind of band, on the other hand they are very technical in what the play if you consider the kind of music they are into.

Now…as for the production is concerned. Without doubt the band has recorded an album of high quality and of high international standard carefully produced by Gerhard Magin who obviously made sure that 'THE GREAT BEAST' would be an example of imitation by some other bands which tend to have a really confusing and noisy production.

Overall MYSTIC CIRCLE have managed to create something GOOD and full of feeling which is kinda rare these days and i really think that they worth the metalhead's attention around the world.

PS : This album is going to be supported by a thirty day European tour so stay tuned.

4 Star Rating

Hellish Maniacs
The Great Beast
Lucifer's Angel
Spirits In Black
Eyes Of Horror
Whore Babylon
Lost In The Garden Of Eden
And Evil We Shall Die
Beelzebub - Bass/Vocals
Ezpharess - Guitars
Baalsulgorr - Keyboards
Blizzard - Drums
Record Label: Massacre Records


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