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Mystica Girls - Gates Of Hell

Mystica Girls
Gates Of Hell
by Eddie "Deaddie" McConnaughy at 05 March 2014, 5:03 AM

As their name suggests MYSTICA GIRLS is an all-female group from Mexico City, Mexico. They are a general Metal piece throwing a few different subgenres into their sound. Even though these gals are not my first choice in what I typically listen to, they do know how to rock out. The lead vocalist has a great voice; her accent really works well. As a whole they are right on top of there game. They definitely have a catchy groove to their sound that last through the whole album. One thing I noticed is that they switch it up a lot. They hit the death metal like intro, to the fast double bass driven up tempo bit, to the slow melodies, and everything in between. Either way, these gals will have you moving to the music.

The melodies of the album are very bold. They switch it up constantly and keep it extremely smooth in the process. The drum work is fantastic. Yolanda Moreno is a very awesome and versatile drummer. She does an amazing job at keeping the time as well as throwing the extra little fills in that really set it off. As for the guitar work, I was equally impressed. Blackcat can hit those high screaming solos, as well as the slow soothing melodies. She is very talented with her instrument. The vocals, which are all clean, are pretty great also. Mon Laferte a great voice. Her accent is mainly what intrigues me, but not only that. She has a wonderful range. As a whole, they keep it together perfectly. They are definitely catchy, as they take the listener through all the elements of Metal. The only fault I see at all is that some of the lyrical concepts strike me as a bit corny, but that’s just my opinion. And it really doesn’t do too much harm to the overall projection of their music.

So to conclude, MYSTICA GIRLS might not be my first preference in music, but I was impressed with the skills and perfection of the album. And although I found some of the lyrical content to be slightly on the corny side, that in itself didn’t do that much harm. I can tend to get picky with things like that. Overall I enjoyed listening to the album. It switched up a lot, I definitely get bored listening, and was still smooth as hell and quite catchy. It either had me head banging, or just grooving along the whole time. This group is good for any general Metal fan. They hit a nice range of Metal sub genres. 

4 Star Rating

1. To Be Opened
2. The Gates of Hell
3. The Boogie Biker
4. No More
5. The  Spirit Has Won
6. Tiny Blue Dot
7. The  Conquest
8. Sweet Picking
9. Why Should We Need
10. New Awakening
11. Spooky Cookie
12. The Boogie Biker
Mon Laferte - Vocals
Blackcat - Guitars
Kathy Withewolf - Bass
Yolanda Moreno - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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Edited 08 February 2023

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