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Mystical Gate - Out Of Control (CD)

Mystical Gate
Out Of Control
by Harry Papadopoulos at 03 March 2009, 7:34 PM

Here we are dealing with another album that was out late in 2008. Out Of Control is a 'self release' album and the second full-length CD for those guys from Voronezh Russia. It's nice to see bands from countries that are not known for their Metal scene to release an album, but since we are living in 2009 and the standards are higher than ever, it's not just the good will but also the music.

Formed back in 1992 by the name AGGRESSION, they released some demos before they changed their name to MYSTICAL GATE in 1995. After their debut album was finished, but not released due to the closing of the label, the band went inactive for quite a long time. In 2004 Russian label Stygian Crypt Productions contacted the band and released their debut album after almost ten years and now, four years later, MYSTICAL GATE are back with Out Of Control.

This album has some interesting moments, but the overall package is like food without salt. Trying to combine Death Metal with electro samples, some, let's say, symphonic parts in their compositions and some classic Metal solos, it seems they are losing their focus in the way. It may remind you of the Revolution DNA era of the Greek band SEPTICFLESH but without reaching their standards. The production stands high as well as their playing abilities, but is this everything? Well for me it's not. Sometime the compositions are overloaded and are becoming tiresome and boring. MYSTICAL GATE's bad thing, in my opinion, is that it's like an one-man band. Sergey is responsible for almost everything. I believe that a producer outside the band would be a good catalyst for their sound and would help them not to 'overload' their songs.

Out Of Control is not a bad album. But it's not a good one, too. It has some nice ideas, it has some boring moments and some others that sounds in my ears like something that has been added the last minute without a reason. They have to work hard if they want to do something more than having a name in the Russian underground scene. The future will tell.

2 Star Rating

Demanding Answers (Death Never Sleeps)
Celebration Or Sorrow (Dark Spirit Of Future)
Existential Paradox (Brutality)
That Used To Be A Man (Fear Fact-Or)
Blurred Realities (Exe-Cute)
Out Of Control (Progressive Degradation)
Voices In My Head (Ballad)
Alien World (You Not One)
Sergey Priest - Guitars, Vocals
Den D.V.B. - Drums
Alexander SHARP - Bass, Keyboards, Programming
Max MX - Guitars
Record Label: Private Release


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