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Myth Of A Life - She Who Invites Award winner

Myth Of A Life
She Who Invites
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 16 October 2016, 6:50 AM

There are moments that some bands are so catchy and lovely that we can’t resist their musical work, even if it is something that isn’t new at all. This is the case of MYTH OF A LIFE, a quartet that comes from UK and that storms our ears with “She Who Invites.” Their musical work is based on a Melodic/Technical Death Metal that brings to our minds something from the Finnish school, something from earlier works of CHILDREN OF BODOM (due the good melodies). But to make things a bit different, there are some influences from Metalcore that sometimes are hard to find, but on some others are evident (as you can hear clearly on “Murder.”) So, there’s nothing new at all on their work, but they have personality, and this makes the difference!

The sound quality of the album is really good, keeping a perfect balance between the heavy weight distortion and a sound clarity level that allows us to understand what they are playing. Strangely, their musical tunes differ a lot from those used by Metalcore bands, going into a way that, like Big Daddy here wrote above, that will remind a lot the melodic expressive tunes from Finnish school of Melodic Death Metal. Very good vocals (using the contrast between good grunts and high pitched screams), excellent guitar riffs (where the expression of the midterm between musical aggressiveness and melodies can be found), and a solid and technical rhythmic session (where bass guitar and drums are doing a very good work, indeed) are the instrumental elements that show their personality.

Enjoy this ride, dear nephews and nieces! The finest shots: the fast and brutally melodic ones “Scourged and Crucified” (excellent guitar riffs, and the technical level is not so high, turning this a hooking song) and “Lobotomized” (again the technical level is not so extreme, but this one has a fine work on the bass guitar and drums, that drive wisely the tempos), the abrasive instrumental parts on “Erinyes” (where some Metalcore influences become clear, due that song’s speed not being so extreme), the bittersweet aggressiveness of “Pull the Trigger,” the excellent melodies of the guitars on “Broken,” and the very good melodic and technical work from bass guitar and drums on “Burning Vision.” My ears tell me that they can do better than this, so MY OF A LIFE can become a giant on the future. For now, enjoy a lot “She Who Invites.”

Originality: 7
Songwriting: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Codex of Betrayal
2. Scourged and Crucified
3. Lobotomized
4. Erinyes
5. Taking Back What is Mine
6. Pull the Trigger
7. Broken
8. Through the River
9. She Who Invites
10. Waiting to Die
11. Murder
12. Burning Vision
Phil ‘Core’ Dellas – Vocals
William Price – Guitars
Liam Banks – Bass
Tom ‘Box Head’ Warner - Drums
Record Label: Sleaszy Rider Records


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