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Mythery - Awakening Of The Beast

Awakening Of The Beast
by Joellen "FreshMetalGal" Patterson at 11 July 2013, 11:45 AM

There may not be a beast, but MYTHERY certainly are awakening on the scene. Danish Symphonic / Progressive Metallers, with Mighty Music, will be launching their debut, “The Awakening of the Beast”. Formed in 2010, this band brought together Jazz, Classical and Indie Rock musicians, with melodic inspirations and symphonic elements a la DREAM THEATER and NIGHTWISH.

Upon listening to “Another Universe” and “Epoch Of Destruction”, there seems a bit of KAMELOT meets Indie Rock. It is particularly evident in the keyboard and tribal drum intro of “Another Universe”. Having a violinist as part of the band could be a forthcoming trend. ALPINE FAULT fans will identify with that statement. The keyboards intro to “The Crusade” does bear some resemblance to a Holopainen melody. The listener will note an interlude of a soprano tessitura in this track. It sounds a bit thin and could use either more support from the singer or merely more amplification in the studio. She has the range in her and it would be nice to hear her a bit more prominently.

The last five tracks actually compose the 30-minute title track, “The Awakening of the Beast.” It is at this point the listener might notice a nod to a DREAM THEATER-esque influence. In “Part I”, all of the instrumentalists form a symbiotic dance. It is 100% instrumental and heavily features classically-trained violinist, Michala Høj. Her performance is unwavering in skill and passion. If you are a fan of crossover string quartets such as BOND and EKLIPSE, you may feel at home with Ms. Høj’s performance on this album.

Part II” leads us onward with a rapid firing of guitar riffs, echoed by the drums. This track brings us a conversation between the indie vocals of Laurits Emanuel and a rhythmic spoken, yet harsher, counterpart. This seems a subdued intro that could prepare future fans for growls and death rattles they would hear in heavier metal. There’s a lovely melodic interplay of keyboards and violin afterwards, ending with a guitar melody that seamlessly carries over to “Part III”. But wait for it… Some heavy riffing between violin and guitar with a ramp-up to harsher vocals are coming. The beast is indeed awakening here.

“Part IV” greets the listener with great dissonance. There’s an emotional disturbance in the force here that creates a bit of dread just before a fevered violin and Rock guitars have their say. The cycle completes with a return to the initial dissonance. Laurits Emanuel has a somewhat breathy, yet ominous uncertainty that is reminiscent of Chris Thile in some of his NICKEL CREEK and solo work. “Part V” begins with adagio guitar and violin with a mere brush of cymbals. It evolves into what seems a love song to a dark master, a “deceiver of our hearts.” It is befitting of an end to the beastly suite.

MYTHERY is certainly creating something new from their influences, training and tastes. This young band has made quite a first impression that most certainly does not sound like a first album. I highly recommend this album as a means for metal evangelists to bring their indie, Jazz, Classical and Rock fans into the fold. Go forth, dear brethren and brethrenettes. Order a copy of this album and share the MYTHERY.

4 Star Rating

1. Another Universe
2. Epoch of Destruction
3. The Crusade
4. Godforsaken

The Awakening of the Beast
5. Overture
6. A Dark Epiphany
7. Awoken by the Fire
8. Through Shadow Eyes
9. The Words of Salvation
Laurits Emanuel - Vocals
Michala Høj - Violin
Mikkel Rosenbeck - Keyboards
Simon Rabenhøj - Guitar
Tobias Dall - Bass
Nikolaj Holger - Drums
Record Label: Mighty Music


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