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Mythshore - Ocean Dream Award winner

Ocean Dream
by Marcos “Big Daddy” Garcia at 14 September 2014, 9:15 PM

Greece has been a great country in terms of Metal since the beginning of the 90s, revealing great names on Metal scene as ROTTING CHRIST, NECROMANTIA, VARATHRON, NIGHTFALL, and many others. And the greater part is made of excellent works. And following the Greek tradition, it’s time for a new good name to arrive: MYTHSHORE, with its first work, a 4 song EP called “Ocean Dream”.

A one-man band with Omega playing all the instruments and singing, it’s incredible, as its music is so good, a mix between melodic Black Metal, with some aspects of Death Metal. It sounds melancholic, melodic, and aggressive on the vocals (always using Death Metal grunts, but not so low on tunes), with great and dense atmospheric keyboards, good riffs, and a hard and heavy rhythmic basis. Result: a very good and warm music, as aggressive as melodic.

A good sound quality, where we can hear all the instruments separately, with good weight on each one, but sometimes we have that old feeling that “it could be better”. It’s not as bad as some can think reading these words, but it really could be way better.

Only four songs for a breakthrough EP is good, for “This Glance” (a bit more aggressive than the others, with very good riffs and a little touch of melancholy and very good clean guitars moment), “The Herd” (a bit slower than the others, with very good tempos, and bass and drums creating a fine rhythmic basis, and excellent keyboards) and “Ocean Dream” (very beautiful song, with good piano presence, a darker, introspective and denser atmosphere) are shorter songs, lasting between three and five minutes, and the giant “Dying Tribe”, where all the band’s musical elements are presented, with great tempo and atmospheres variations.

The only question left is: why in the blazes an EP, and not a full album??? This band deserves a lot!

4 Star Rating

1. This Glance
2. The Herd
3. Ocean Dream
4. Dying Tribe
Omega - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keys, Drum Programming
Record Label: Crysella Records


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