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Ravenous – We Are Become Death

We Are Become Death
by Samantha “Samii” Mittelstaedt at 25 January 2016, 11:43 AM

RAVENOUS is a British band that formed in 2008, and only now they’re re-releasing their debut full-length called “We Are Become Death” by Coffee Jingle Records in the last year. With strong influences by PANTERA and METALLICA, they’re making a competent delivery Thrash/Groove Metal that should please you from the very first note.

With interesting artwork on the album cover, RAVANOUS seems to commemorate and remember the cliché arts that similar bands use on their albums. The line-up is simply incredible, and shows in every note and aspect of the music, including in all the anger Thrash could give you.  It’s like a war tank passing near your ears as a listener, and makes you want to head-bang during the entire album. The production is impeccable and you can easily listen to and hear all of the instruments  on the albums. Also the vocals are extremely clear.

The songs basically punch you in your ears, and you as a listener should really prepare your neck to head-bang with nine songs that contains “We Are Become Death”. OK, now you can tell me this is a cliché band, and that millions of other bands make the same songs with a similar sound. But the anger, the raw fury, and the power they posses in their songs are the more unique they become. Is like I’m listening PANTERA again. The quartet is extremely talented and mixes the heavy passages with beautiful solos like you can in songs like on the first track “Abhor”. The other songs keep the same style and the other thing I really appreciated here are the clean vocals so that you can understand perfectly what is being sung. Another strong point is the fantastic solos he is making in this album.

The album is extremely well balanced on all over with fantastic work in songs like “Deathnisty”, “Alone”, and “Suffocate”. Another masterpiece here is the ballad “Easter Island (We Are Become Death)” that breaks the heavier sound made by the early songs.

RAVENOUS is making you, the listener, an album that flows well in your ears and makes you addicted to listening again and again. We just wait to these guys release another album with this same quality to put their name like one of the highlights in Thrash/Groove Metal.

4 Star Rating

1. Abhor
2. Reverse (Simpathy)
3. Suffocate
4. Deathstiny
5. Easter Island (We Are Become Death)
6. Ravenous
7. Alone
8. The Architect
9. The Strawman
Dave Game – Vocals & Lead Guitars
Dave Foster – Rhythm Guitars
Leon Maidment – Bass
Rich Giles – Drums
Record Label: Coffee Jingle Records


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