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The Murder Of My Sweet - Echoes Of The Aftermath

The Murder Of My Sweet
Echoes Of The Aftermath
by Bruno Diniz at 25 May 2017, 12:41 AM

Welcome, dear readers! Today I come to you to write you about the new work of the band Epic / Gothic Metal called THE MURDER OF MY SWEET. This year the quartet brings us their fourth full-length album entitled "Echoes Of The Aftermath", following basically the same line as its predecessors. Christopher Vetter (Guitar), Patrik Janson (Bass) and Daniel Flores (Drums and Keyboards) are formidable and talented musicians who produduce an incredible harmony, mainly between the keyboards and the guitar.While Angelica Rylin (vocals) leads the band with a soft and powerful voice. In my opinion she is one of the best voices of the genre .

The production and mixing were very well-done  Frontiers Records. The artwork is great, each instrument can be clearly heard separately and the chronological choice is correct. Everything that has been said so far, leads us to believe that this is a great album, right? Maybe a Masterpiece! Definitely not! Let's start with the main purpose of music for me: originality and emotion. Well, the band produces a sound that is between two icons of the genre which are "Epica" and "Within Temptation", however we cannot consider that it is really something new, or with strong personality. Secondly on songs one till twelve, there are very rare moments that bring us some excitement, reflection or emotion. The album feels totally cold and distant.

  Usually, here at Metal-Temple we write about each song, but in this review I'll make it differently. Even though it does not make sense to speak of the vagueness of each song here, I will just make some comments about some of them and about the lyrics. By the way lyrics are another serious issue here! Beginning with the track that introduces the album: "Sleeping Giant" that contains in its unusual chorus the "inspired" phrase "there is a consequence when you chance the rules". Seriously? Is That's right? In this case maybe you better call Saul or Chuck. "Personal Hell" sounds like something quite shocking and deep , don’t  you think? The video of the band shows just the opposite. I will include the link to you so you can decides for yourselves.

 Maybe "Cry Wolf" and "Echoes Of Aftermath" have some sparkle of brilliance, but they should definitely think on a new strategy or bring someone to write the lyrics. Passages like "Loud as Whisper- You rescue my heart" - "Silence is cool" are totally meaningless and without feeling. Another shocking mistake here is in "Ode to Everyone", which seems to me to be a tribute to the band's fans, or at the least should  be called "Ode to You" (listerner), everyone would actually include corrupt, killers and other kinds like this. This is explained through the lyrics of song, and then ok. But even so, the chorus begins with a "Thiiiissss iiiiissss" lazy and pragmatic, without any excitement.

I really wish I do not want to sound disrespectful to THE MURDER OF MY SWEET, by not commenting song by song. I listened to the album as I always do, between 15 and 20 times, as I do in each review of mine. They are great musicians, the production is great, so I believe from the bottom of my heart that they can still do a fantastic job as long as they improve the points mentioned above.

Songwriting: 3
Originality: 5
Memorability: 5
Production: 9

3 Star Rating

01. Sleeping Giant
02. Personal Hell
03. Racing Heart
04. Cry Wolf
05. Echoes Of The Aftermath
06. Flatline
07. Loud As A Whisper
08. Shining After Dark
09. Ode To Everyone
10. Go On
11. In Risk Of Rain
12. Inside Outside
Christopher Vetter - Guitar
Patrik Janson - Bass
Daniel Flores - Drums and Keyboards
Angelica Rylin - Vocals
Record Label: Frontiers Records


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