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Némesis – The Beginning of the End

The Beginning of the End
by Liam Easley at 27 November 2019, 1:15 AM

Out of Spain comes NÉMESIS, a Death/Thrash Metal band that just released its first EP in October of 2019 called “The beginning of the End,” an odd title for the first release of the band’s entire career. Featuring three strong tracks of pounding Metal, the EP proves to be an impressive release.

The Toy Box” kicks the album off with heavy, Thrash-y, Death Metal-driven riffs. The song shows the band can write a song with a decent flow, and the songwriting isn’t bad at all. In fact, the track introduces the EP as one full of good riffing and steady songwriting, making this a good start to Némesis’ career.

The Beginning of the End” is where the EP shines. This track takes the heavy riffing of the previous track and mixes in its own flavor of technicality. While simplistic at their core, the riffs evoke a complex sound with harmonization and intriguing fretwork on the higher part of the neck. It also shows very skilled songwriting, as unique sections are repeated enough to solidify them into the song.

The EP concludes with “To the Limit of Incomprehension,” the weakest track. Taking a similar rout as the first song, this third installment is still decent, but it does not live up to the potential created by the previous track. It also lacks the same level of intensity as the first track, leaving this song as one more easily to be considered lackluster. There is nothing wrong about it; the riffs are just less intriguing.

For a small band on an independent label putting out their first release ever, this EP has very good production. It is always noteworthy to have a bass guitar as audible in the mix as this one is. As the bass does not strictly mimic the guitarist, it is a nice element to be able to hear.

Overall, this EP is decent. It’s not anything special, but it’s also not bad either. For a band that is just starting out, this is a good start to their career.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. The Toy Box
2. The Beginning of the End
3. To the Limit of Incomprehension
Jorge Santos – Guitars
Luis Martínez – Rhythm Guitars & Vocals
Manuel González Bóveda – Bass
Miguel Tereso – Drum Programming
Record Label: Necromance Records


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