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Nachash – Phantasmal Trinunity Award winner

Phantasmal Trinunity
by John Paul Romero at 29 July 2018, 8:44 AM

Born in Oslo, Norway, NACHASH (The name Nachash is Hebrew for “Serpent”) unleashes their first full-length record with full force and ferocity. The album is a 36-minute onslaught composed of six tracks. This record is opened by a three-minute instrumental intro “Red Death Eclipse” that pretty much summarizes what these Norwegian fellows are here to brag of. With a very fast tempo, the listener is attacked by an avalanche of cold, dark, and very melodic riffs that will cause you to involuntarily bang your head. This exhibit of unrelenting darkly melodic riffs and head-bang-able tunes is overthrown to the second track “Apex Illuminous”, which further strengthens Nachash’ musical integrity by injecting a sudden change of pace in the later part of the track. It was an all-out musical annihilation until the fourth minute where they shifted gears to a slower but even darker and heavier atmosphere.

“Astral Sacrifice” and “Fleshtemple Incineration”, on the other hand, comes in entirely the way the later part of the second track went. With a heavy and droning atmosphere, it is like a blistering melodic blackened death metal with some doom chromosomes in it. “Vortex Spectre” is literally a musical vortex with displays of a spectre of blackness, and best listened to with your eyes closed. I say this because the track is mostly dominated by instrumentals which can be compared into a suffocating vortex of dark tunes that swallows the listener into what seems an eternity of cold doom melodies. This mood gets even heavier as they repeat the effect they applied on the second track, when the tempo suddenly fluctuated in the 4:11 mark, giving you an even more intense sensation. If I would describe my experience with this track, it goes like this: First I feel surrounded by a black aura while I am drowning deeper into the song. And then suddenly I feel like everything around me crumbles into dust as soon as the pace became slower, heavier and darker. I can feel the music swallowing my body with every punishing note being thrown. And as the song finishes with the dominating drums and a drone of guitars, everything just seems to turn into ashes as I fall deeper into the void. This track is clearly the zenith of the album.

The album as a whole is a collection of different portals into the infinite abyss. There are no downtimes, each track is trying to surpass the other, and it just gets darker and heavier every single minute. This album is really a must-have. This is the kind of record you will find out of nowhere (as there is almost no information around the web about Nachash, except for the ever reliable Encyclopedia Metallum) and instantly fall deeply into. No other words can describe it, it’s a PERFECT, FLAWLESS debut record.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Red Death Eclipse (A Savage Darkening)
2. Apex Illuminous
3. Astral Sacrifice
4. Fleshtemple Incineration
5. Vortex Spectre
6. Elder Night (Arcane Fires)
A: Guitar/Vocals
E: Bass
T: Drums
Record Label: Shadow Kingdom


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