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Nachtblut - Chimonas Award winner

by Paulomaniaco at 15 November 2014, 10:05 PM

NACHTBLUT is a Melodic Black Metal band from Germany formed in 2005 and so far they have released four full length albums, "Das Erste Abendmahl" 2007, "Antik" 2009, "Dogma" 2012 and now in 2014 their  last effort entitled "Chimonas", they all have something in common, sang in their native  German language.

First track on the CD is "Gotteskrieger"  good riffs and blasting away on your face, deep and harsh vocals as it should be, lots of variations throughout the song. I like the combination of being melodic and aggressive, very good indeed. "Wien 1683" is slower but aggressive, very catching song with great solos and the vocals doing a fine job.  "Wie Gott Sein" has lots of keyboard and music wise is quite good; the bass work is excellent, slow and heavy, and the atmosphere is excellent, dark and darker. I wish I could understand German. "Kalt Wie Ein Grab" is slow, heavy and not very complicated; the same applies to "Und Immer Wenn Die Nacht Anbricht", although the latter one has more keyboards throughout the song. From here till the end of the CD, all songs follow the same path, slow, heavy and aggressive. I definitely can say that NACHTBLUT makes justice and live up to their style of music, where most Black Metal bands choose to play at the same pace, like double blast and deep harsh screams and therefore becoming a bit repetitive. NACHTBLUT have succeeded in being different.

I am not saying this is the best Black Metal album out there, but what they have done is very good indeed, with lots of variation, they keep you guessing what is next and so on, the production is excellent, the music is clear and the art work is also very cool.

4 Star Rating

1. Gotteskrieger
2. Wien 1683
3. Wie Gott Sein
4. Kalt Wie Ein Grab
5. Und Immer Wenn Die Nacht Anbricht
6. Schwarz
7. Dort Wo Die Krahen
8. Marchen
9. Tote Mich
10. Chimonas
Skoll - Drums
Greif - Guitars
Askeroth - Vocals
Lymania - Keyboards
Trym - Bass
Record Label: Napalm Records


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