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Nachtgeschrei - Am Rande Der Welt (CD)

Am Rande Der Welt
by Harry Papadopoulos at 16 April 2009, 9:33 AM

Sometimes you are so bored that you don't want to do anything. Even staring at your ceiling is too much! Well this is one of those days. The only thing I will never get bored to is listening to our favorite music. So, after some listening sessions, I think I'm ready to write about the new album from NACHTGESCHREI.

The history of the band doesn't go that far, since the band was born in 2006 in Frankfurt from the ashes of two local bands. They released two demos that made good impression in the underground and probably that was the reason that they did earn a contract with Massacre records. Their first album was out in 2008 and now I have in my hands their second one, Am Rande Der Welt, that was released a few days ago.

To tell you the truth, I didn't know anything about the band. I even thought that this was their debut. First of all, just by looking the titles of the songs I realized that I wouldn't be able to understand anything, since I don't speak German, but I don't mind that since I like listening to different things and languages. But this album didn't attract me. The beginning is really promising with a nice instrumental introduction and a nice opening track. The rest of the album, though, lacks inspiration and some of the songs are far from being called folk. Second division melodic Rock would be the proper expression. This thing, as you can imagine, makes the album lacking energy and is making the listener get bored quite fast. In the middle of the album with, Niob things are starting to look better, but do (eventually) not. Those ups and downs continue throughout the whole album.

There are some good moments in this album. You will have those sing along parts and some nice, though unoriginal, folk melodies, but that's it! There are better bands out there to listen to if you like folk Metal. As for NACHTGESCHREI, if they want to do something they'd better do it quickly.

1 Star Rating

Herz Aus Stein
Nur Ein Kleines Stuck Vom Himmel
Der Totmacher
Glut In Euren Augen
Holger Franz - Vocals
Joachim Penc - Keyboards
Stefan Kolb - Drums
Dominik Stephan - Bagpipes
Sanedin Pepeljak - Guitar
Tilman Scholz - Guitar
Oliver Klein - Bass
Record Label: Massacre Records


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