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Nachtmystium - The World We Left Behind Award winner

The World We Left Behind
by Daniel Fox at 25 August 2014, 10:44 AM

Ironically, Black Metal is a genre under which many a band falls that could easily be considered overrated or trumped up. Such is, and never was the case, for creative US Black Metal wizards NACHTMYSTIUM, who have recently dropped "The World We Left Behind", an album which leaves behind their grim and blistering 2012 effort, "Silencing Machine". Not many bands surpass their best album, with another release two years later.

"Intrusion" is an interesting, ultimately warped instrumental piece. What begins as a loosely arranged guitar threnody of a mid tempo, drum-bass groove a la SATYRICON, this short-and-sweet arrangement of blackened grooves lays down some jarring heaviness; Black Metal mixed to perfection, you say? In this release, everything cuts through clearly; the bass mixed in with a resounding 'boom'. "Voyager" engenders sonic lust from the onset; a grimly dancing set of riffs flow on and on in tripping-yet-cohesive rhythms, the bass this time providing a liquid, underlying groove that adds fresh ambience. Further progression of the track brings some progressive (pun absolutely intended) tetherings in the ever-growing rhythms to light, and tasteful guitar solos.

The title track is something else entirely. If I were not already in love with this album, I am now in awe of it; sometimes an album contains a track that floors you with its magnificence, and this would be it for the album. The introduction paints a misanthropic setting; now, one can very easily say that about nearly every Black Metal record ever released, but not often will you actually feel and connect with the evocations. Following the churning buildup is a masterful arrangement that tips between fast assaults, and driving riffs that are dying to break free of their shackles. "On The Other Side" is an oddity on this album; nearly entirely mid-tempo with a stripped-down arrangement, the guitars, vocals, and rhythm section are lightly layered and unfettered, as opposed to a homogenised Black assault to the ears. Taking nearly-comical rock & roll approaches to some of the riffs, much in the style of (again) SATYRICON, the chilling ambience in the atmosphere and the resonating vocals are a harsh reminder.

If MAYHEM released a 'Black Metal album of the year', then NACHTMYSTIUM have just released another one.

5 Star Rating

1. Intrusion
2. Fireheart
3. Voyager
4. Into the Endless Abyss
5. In the Abscense of Existence
6. The World We Left Behind
7. Tear You Down
8. On the Other Side
9. Epitaph For A Dying Star
Blake Judd – Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Percussion
John Porada – Bass
Sam Shroyer – Drums
Dustin Drenk – Keyboards
Scare Crow – Guitars
Record Label: Century Media


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