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Nachtvorst - Silence Award winner

by Angela "MetalDancer" van der Kreeft at 16 July 2012, 10:48 PM

Nachtvorst is a Dutch duo band that’s formed in 2007 who recently released their second album “Silence” through Code666/ Aural Music. An album that can be placed inside the black metal genre, but at the same time the album contains more than just that scenery.

The album “Silence”from Nachtvorst kind of shows a slow moving black metal heavy cargo train on a ride through an emotional doom scenario. A sad but true trip, but one with room for anger and tracks to move on, giving me the feeling I was somehow watching a movie instead of just listening to the album “Silence”from Nachtvorst.

What did get to me when I did spin the album “Silence” is the atmosphere that does change from soft sad into dark and screaming anger and back. This album also feels it’s composed like a classical piece, turning the songs somehow in etudes and symphonies that are preparing and tracking their heavy black metal cargo train in order to keep going, no matter how slowing down sad the scenery does become.

The way Erghal did use his dark, screaming and a little bit of clear vocals does suit the atmosphere Nachtvorst created with their composition of instruments and even though they are just with the two of them, the way they did compose “Silence”(Guitar, drum, bass and keys are all done by Leopold) does leave plenty of room for guest players. In my eyes Nachtvorst did a great job with their album“Silence”.

4 Star Rating

1. The Serpent’s Tongue
2. After…
3. Nightwinds
4. Gentle Notice Of A Final Breath
5. …Before
6. A Way Of Silence
Erghal - Lyrics & Vocals
Leopold - Composition & Instruments
Record Label: Code666/ Aural Music


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