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Nadimac - Besnilo

by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 17 May 2017, 7:47 PM

Just like clockwork and without waiting, the Serbian horde strikes again, and with such a blow that is no less painful than its previous. Every two years, since 2009, I have been in contact with the Crossover / Thrash Metal NADIMAC to review another newly released EP or album, and get this, all the material has been in Serbian. Even with the language barrier, it is actually kind of nice, to track a band developing in a world with so many options. Some things may never change and that is my interest. So, here we are with “Besnilo”, issued by the band’s new label, the Spanish Xtreem Music, surely a well fit home for these crazy maniacs.

It appears to me that year after year NADIMAC is turning into a really monster in their field, and now even produced in higher standards. Actually, NADIMAC sounded like EXODUS on steroids, as if the US band really needs steroids to have their thrill, so let’s call it a big bite right off the energy bar. In addition, their surge of blistering power, “Besnilo” proved time again that NADIMAC didn’t make a single effort to change a thing in their music, remaining nailed to the crossing in the junction of Punk, 80s Hardcore and Thrash Metal since their early days almost a decade ago. In fact, though well-seasoned in their style and they have been playing it as fierce as they can, it may have been their Achilles heel in this release, but I will come to that in just a bit.

“Besnilo” is smothered by aggression, immense criticism about what the band calls “stuff”, which I see as the social decay, and of course, how can I sin and forget, a total obsolete command of ruthless speed, so much anger that you can almost choke on it. The fast paced simple riffing is as expected on this one, not looking for it to be innovative, but it was sure massive and devastating. The Punkster imagery is right in your face along with the astounding brutality of European Thrash Metal, some might deny it, but you can’t escape the truth. Bludgeoning vocal line screams with sore up high in the sky and into the bottomless pits down low and the rhythm monsters slaying their instruments without mercy. The singing actually sounded even more morbid if it the songs were sung in English, pretty wicked stuff that made the foreign language as one of the band’s prime aspects. Occasionally I noticed the coming and going solo sections, showing better works than in the past, yet could use more juice to cast mayhem.

Now the Achilles heel, I noticed that NADIMAC has been clinging to the same songwriting style, and in their case, there are a lot of songs of theirs that sound almost identical, yet with different lyrics and vocals’ delivery. Years with the same pattern of songs with barely changing a thing might be a bit weary next time around. Gladly that the better studio work on “Besnilo” enabled a much better listening experience, yet it is hard to escape the same observation of the songs, especially if you have been listening to the band since their earlier stage. Thinking about the song structures like this: rampaging speed and then a quick withdraw to recharge, and off they go again to full throttle. Try that and you might come to the same conclusion.

Over the course of “Besnilo” I became a fan of “Jednom Nogom u Gradu”, which means “Escapism Against Modernism”. Possibly the album’s special dish, surfaced a kind of suspension right before it started to break things apart with excessive force. Truly it is a great effort that should be reproduced more in the future. “Bez Ograda, bez Barijera” or “Against Elitism, Pro Unity” is a sort of Punk / Thrash anthem, quite hooking in terms of the cross of genres, might even shout along with that one. “Palikuca” or “Flaming Vendetta” is as flaming as its title, damn strong track, fierce and brutal, speeding like hell and downright destructive. I can also add: “Prvi Put sa Kevom na Šemu” (My Mum's Drugs), “Crna Štampa” (Diarrhea Newsweek) and “Zemlja Povraca” (Mother Earth is Vomiting).

Against everything works, it reeks out of total anguish and it has been a chip for this Serbian group lurking the streets. It turned out as a good release, yet I know that they have it in them to become even mightier.


3 Star Rating

1. Uvod u Besnilo (The Indignation Echo)
2. Palikuca (Flaming Vendetta)
3. Jednom Nogom u Gradu (Escapism Against Modernism)
4. Kapitalizam je Kanibalizam (Capitalism is Cannibalism)
5. Revolucija u Izlogu (Shopping Revolution)
6. U Podrumu Žute Kuce (Organ Market Basement)
7. Anatomija Poslušnosti (Anatomy of Obedience)
8. Analni Ovcar (Anal Shepherd)
9. Teraj se u Kurac (Go Fuck Yourself)
10. Prvi Put sa Kevom na Šemu (My Mum's Drugs)
11. Rodjen u Ofsajdu (Nesportski Dan) (Born in Offside \[Anti-Sport Day])
12. Zemlja Povraca (Mother Earth is Vomiting)
13. Crna Štampa (Diarrhea Newsweek)
14. Bez Ograda, bez Barijera (Against Elitism, Pro Unity)
Danilo "Dača" Trbojević - Vocals
Stefan "Ćora" Ćorović - Guitars
Marko "Zec" Pavlović - Bass
Dragan "Draganče" Ristić - Drums
Record Label: Xtreem Music


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