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Nadimac - Nejebanjezivesile

by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 03 October 2013, 4:52 PM

Day after day, night after night, thoughts and quandaries about the future social infrastructure of mankind seem to be generating discomfort while slightly sparking an increasing fear. At first I thought about it as dissolving, slowly rotting away into a digital existence. On the other hand, advancement isn’t necessary our enemy because we control it. We choose to decide better ways for our worldwide culture to evolve into the next period of time, the next level. However, in the process there might be a chance that we will lose our own entity, letting our brain slide into a slow rate of deprivation. As you have been aware, the degradation of mankind due to its advancement is a fear shared by many and preached endlessly. The Serbian Crossover Thrash loons of NADIMAC, in their mother tongue and violent themed street Punkster attitude, crash all hopes and dreams for a better life in the next decades with their third release, “Nejebanjezivesile”, via Violent Solution Records. Believe me I tried looking up the translation and I couldn’t find a thing, so bear with me. I have been following these guys since their debut EP back in 2009.

The continuous key element of NADIMAC has always been their rigidness and dynamics, always on a fast break, speeding their way into lunacy. Without understanding a word of their lyrics, I could establish a frantic imagery, an attitude of a riff raff playing Metal for the surrounding friends. On the other hand, I noticed that album after album, NADIMAC have been undergoing a sort of an awkward evolution process. Preserving full throttle speed, sometimes the fast shifting of paces appeared to be quite insane, the material crossed rapidly from old fashioned Thrash / Speed to Punk to a bit of Crust through Hardcore and at time fondling Death Metal. Within the tunnels and trenches of “Nejebanjezivesile” I noticed a few ingenuities; several of them were pretty tough to handle at first glance but eventually turned into likable songs of mayhem.

“Grupna Terapija”, or roughly translated as “Group Therapy”, really busted my head there, a speeding bullet seeking for its target, poisoning my mind with a few destructive riffs and impressive melodic licks and a SLAYERish soloing aptitude only the barrage of malevolent swift drumming to throw me into another feverish turmoil. The MUNICIPAL WASTE meets NUCLEAR ASSAULT machine gun drumming defiance of “Poslednji Pogled Sa Visine” felt as if I was slapped countless of times rapidly on my face. The exchange of riffs revealed a few distinctions of Heavy and Thrash Metal simplicities while the massive thumping continues as a solo began shrieking from above. There will be no rest for the speed obsessed and Dača at the helm of the vocals won’t let the assault cease, firing it up with his nastiness. “Grad ispod Grada” or “City Under City”, as if Draganče didn’t even stop to rest in the studio, probably smothered with gallons of sweat. With Dača’s screaming of the song’s name, Ćora and Zec began molesting their instruments for another crude runaround. This one is more a Thrasher yet with an insane speed rate. I even ran out of descriptions and phrases to make you people comprehend that this band is in love with speed, yet at least on this one they stopped for a mid-pace for a clamoring solo absurdity.

Generally, NADIMAC turned into grinders of velocity, running on top of buildings like maniacs, spewing their lyrics of criticism and agonizing pain of the situation around them, assaulting their instruments as if those were mere toys to their feet. “Nejebanjezivesile” is probably their most extreme experience, a break neck for sure, evolved in comparison to previous with better sound engineering. NADIMAC turned extreme not regarding their perceiving of Metal, but for their attitude or roughness along with the endless youth bursting out of them. They still have to learn how to formulate tracks that wouldn’t necessarily sound inflicting headaches at occasions, but no doubt that their energy is a divine gem.       

3 Star Rating

1. Nezaustavljiva Glad
2. Poslednji Pogled Sa Visine
3. Metod Skoka Na Glavu
4. Koma Sutra
5. Smrt Autoriteta
6. Grupna Terapija
7. Masturbatorski Lakat
8. Grad ispod Grada
9. Crna Reka
10. Silikonska Divljina
11. Vukodlak
Danilo "Dača" Trbojević - Vocals
Stefan "Ćora" Ćorović - Guitar
Marko "Zec" Pavlović - Bass
Dragan "Draganče" Ristić - Drums
Record Label: Violent Solution Records


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