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Nadimac - Po Kratkom Postupku

Po Kratkom Postupku
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 25 August 2011, 1:39 AM

The clowns of Crossover / Thrash Metal are back in the ring of breaking the speed limits. As always in Serbian, NADIMAC worked their asses off to lay down another brutal speedy existence to remind everyone that they continue to thrash their way into a widespread recognition. This time, under their label, AreaDeath Productions, the gloves are off with the band’s second album "Po Kratkom Postupku", also in much better artwork quality than in the past. The album’s name has got to have some connection to the Speed Metal or violence themes so you don’t really need a sure translation to English if your Serbian is a little weak.

Very much similar to their past releases, NADIMAC once again showed their utmost love and respects to the wilder scene of Metal, Hardcore and Punk. The fourteen tracks of "Po Kratkom Postupku" marked that the band’s grinding process seemed endless while therefore keeping their overall youthful spirit intact. However, with the continence of their raw energy and strong will to remain old school and wild, NADIMAC, in general, selected the route of recycling themselves. Although their new album has some nice stuff on their tracklist arsenal, the large sum of tracks kept on recovering the same notes and riffs that bread new life to their earlier creations.

The debut EP, "Metal Ye Rat", was a small, but great, selection of hard to the core and feral Speed Metal songs. The full-length release that came afterwards, "Drzavni Neprijatelj Broj Kec", even while being lower in ratings and essentially was supported by tracks from "Metal Ye Rat", also brought NADIMAC to be displayed as a promising Metal act, nevertheless, time probably didn’t inspire the band to try to fix their shortcomings of the past so that they would make a step in order to improve themselves. Instead, as it was seen on "Po Kratkom Postupku", the material in question sounded as if NADIMAC were in a sort of standstill.

As a matter of fact, "Po Kratkom Postupku" began the grinding journey quite well. “Hapsi Sve” showed great promise with intense riffing and a great S.O.D. like chorus. “Izmedju Dve Varte”, which was also praised by the band with an English version by the name of “Grinding Crossfire” that will share its pain as the album’s closer, was almost the same the former as it is showed a slightly more melodic intent, gave an idea of NWOBHM, followed by a gruesome KREATOR like harmony. From “Samo Kec” and on, with a maybe a few tracks that were above the average tunes that were on the album, NADIMAC rapidly and repeatedly focused on the same grinding sections that made the songs to become too much alike. Moreover, it can be also said on quite a number of riffs that were selection for the songs.

NADIMAC’s music might not be connected to something that has to be genuine or genius or relatively new. Their passion has always been to the wilder side of whether Metal, Hardcore and Punk. The combination between the genres has always brought blessing to NADIMAC’s songs, however, it had been, more than enough times, their silent antagonist that made them to come back with the same stuff that was already used in their past endeavors. "Po Kratkom Postupku" is certainly not for the fans only as it is still be refrained as a head banging release, yet, it can’t serve as another sign for NADIMAC to keep on over doing themselves. 

3 Star Rating

1. Hapsi sve
2. Izmedju dve vatre
3. Samo kec
4. Udri pseto
5. Znakovi
6. Smrtonosni ribolov
7. Gas do daske
8. Vitezi medicine
9. Kicma puca
10. Lapot
11. Bekstvo od slobode
12. Pleasure to kill
13. Suicidal command
14. Grinding crossfire
Danilo “Daca” Trbojevic – Vocals
Stefan “Cora” Corovic – Guitars
Dragan “Dragance” Ristic – Bass
Marko “Zec” Pavlovic – Drums
Record Label: AreaDeath Productions


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