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Naer Mataron - Praetorians (CD)

Naer Mataron
by Yiannis Doukas at 29 May 2008, 2:42 PM

There have been some serious changes in the lineup of NAER MATARON and naturally these have a reflection upon their new album. Morfeas is no more with them and behind the vocals is the beast that is known as Vicotnic. Well, one of the highlights here is the absolute voice that is so deadly and poisonous, remaining a complete unique instrument separated from the others.
The other change is the removal - I could say - from the Norway's production. The music still has its references in DARKTHRONE but this time the band (I feel) follows different paths, from songs like Extreme Unction, Blessing Of Sin or Blast Furnace, to name some examples from Discipline Manifesto. Their whole musical background this time has been so serious embodied with their own personality that creates a unique style that is a pure NAER MATARON one. The grief oppression of the riffing close to VED BUENS ENDE, DODHEIMSGARD or recent MAYHEM style is still present plus the Hellenic one; listen for example the riff behind the Greek vocals of Death Cast A Shadow Over You; it looks like an unreleashed idea from AGATUS' first album. Or hear the introductive one of Sol Invictus that could be in a THOU ART LORD album. All these ingredients are mixed with some clever, powerful and really inspired moments and the album is a killer.
Warhead's drumming continues being a blast holocaust upon your face. Although I like a lot the first two albums of the band, I must say that after the coming of this unstoppable machine the music of NAER MATTARON has achieved new levels of brutality and blackness. That's why River At Dash Scalding and Discipline Manifesto were so damn good.
All songs are perfect. The album starts with an intro song from Nordvargr, like the previous ones. All tracks have an adventurous structure with one riff coming after the other in a serial assault. The only time that we noticed a recycling was in Ostara, that ends with a sad and furious idea. This structure for many bands transforms the music into a boring nothingness but here is a deadly weapon. Kaiadas is endowed by wielding his riffs perfect, you will not find something mediocre inside and for this reason all songs bring an unmerciful earthquake to your head and mentality.  Sometimes their aura brings a depressive caress but inside hides a feel of power and honor. Like the thoughts and mood of a warrior that is wounded in the battlefield but he rises up ready to spread death and destruction upon his enemies.
In the last three tracks and after the unbelievable Astral Anthology, that once again Nordvargr manages to create such a visions and nightmares like no other, I have the sense that Praetorians becomes more dark, more soul pressure. The light fades away and only darkness remains.
I am in a happy position to announce you that they released an album at least equal with Discipline Manifesto, which was one of the best in the Hellenic Black Metal scene. The music is more controlled in bringing relentless headbanging without denying its Black essence that Vicotnic's vo-kill made more ill. The following rating is based upon the fact that I must leave some space for the next album if I judge their albums' continually ascending quality.

 NAER MATARON Incarcerating Gallantry(by wastedt)

4 Star Rating

Anti-Celestial Campaign
Sun Wheel
Death Cast A Shadow Over You
Secret Heritage
Astral Anthology
Sol Invictus
Incarcerating Gallantry
The Eternal Pest
Eagle's Nest
Vicotnik - Lead Vocals
Kaiadas - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Indra - Guitars
Warhead - Drums
Nordvargr - Satanic Noise Propaganda
Record Label: Season Of Mist


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