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Naga - Inanimate Award winner

by Andrej Romić (Nekrst Fanzine) at 18 March 2017, 8:37 PM

Aggressive, slow, sludgy, greasy, nasty, evil…so many words can be used to describe the forthcoming new record by Italian Black/Doom Metal band NAGA entitled “Inanimate”.

The record was originally released in 2016, as an exclusive vinyl release, and some are perhaps not even aware how good can Black Metal sound on vinyl, and being that this record was so bone crushing and brutally slow, I absolutely agree that it needed a proper re-release; and Everlasting Spew Records were the ones to do the job! As an exclusive re-release, the short, 30-minute album has a bonus song called “Worm”, which was previously never heard on the original release. With NAGA’s (this) new release, you’re about to listen to some of the most punishing and brutal Black and Doom Metal mix you have ever heard - at least from Italy.

Previously known as a nasty Sludge/Doom outfit KILL THE EASTER RABBIT, they split up, and from the ashes of that band, arose NAGA. Active since 2013, they have released 3 pieces of material: a self-titled, mini, two-song EP, in 2013, a full-length album called “Hēn”, and their newest one, “Inanimate”. If you are a long time fan of the band, expect nothing less than pure darkness and evil, and if you’re a newcomer, expect the same.

I shall break the record up to you, especially if you’re new to this band. It starts off with “Thrives”, which enters with an incredibly slow and sad atmosphere, inaudible noises, and lastly some epic blackened Doom guitar riffs. Echoing, nasty, Black Metal vocals can be heard in the background, and if you’re a fan of this type of genre I think this song will instantly make you fall in love with the band; just like it did with me. The song itself packs a marvellous punch of dizzying guitars and haunting atmospheric parts of various influences, but it is mostly focused on Black and Doom Metal. The vocals are top notch; being that they sound so horrifying and painfully distorted that they fulfil this record to its maximum, making this 7-minute song one of the most enjoyable ones on the album - but keep in mind the fact that it’s the first one, so there’s a lot more to come.

Hyele” is completely different. In its first seconds I already recognised that it was going to sound really sludgy - mostly due to its beginning riff, which lasts about half a minute, and then some more kick in, starting off this song in a proper way. The vocals are just a bit different than on the previous track, however, the atmosphere is completely different, making this track a lot more Sludge-oriented, with just a few Black Metal touches to the whole thing. Being that this is the longest track on the album with its 10-minute crushing atmospheric and avant-garde based riffing, it still remains utterly raw and malevolent. If the overall musical atmosphere isn’t enough for you, during the first half of the track you can experience some incredibly blood-chilling echoing voices in the background too.

The third track, “Loner” is again quite different from the previous tracks, since it is a lot faster. It is slightly Thrash-oriented and mixed with Black Metal, and it’s a combination of heavy drums, suffocating vocals, and painfully enjoyable catchy riffs. Although just a five-minute track, I still think it is rather enjoyable, and it was necessary on the album, since the first two were incredibly slow (in a good way, of course).

So, there’s the third track to speed things up for you, Black, Doom and Thrash Metal fans! This record is a must to everyone who is into dark things. Off to an interesting cover, the fourth song (and last one on the original edition back in 2016), entitled “The Money Will Roll Right In”, or “TMWRRI” in short, is an interesting cover of the legendary FANG! The reason it’s interesting is right in front of your eyes: it is Hardcore Punk done in a Black Metal influenced way? Listen to that track already! It’s good. Respect your inspirations people, just like this band did.

The last track (on the new edition by Everlasting Spew Records) is “Worm”, and this track instantly reminds me of the first one; and the slower, more chilling ones. However, it is still different in its own way - being that it was exclusively recorded for the re-release. It is still a wicked track, and might be even my new favourite since the first and second track. Watch out, it’s weird. The vocals are extremely dissonant, leaning slightly towards the growling side vocalisations, yet still remaining pretty Black Metal, especially on the screaming side. It is also a five-minute track - so not the longest one - but it is still worthy of listening to.

Check out the band if you like BATUSHKA, PRIMITIVE MAN, CULT OF FIRE, or EYEHATEGOD. Listen to their entire album, especially before a nap, if you wish to never wake up again.

Songwriting:  9
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

  1. Thrives
  2. Hyele
  3. Loner
  4. The Money Will Roll Right In (FANG Cover)
  5. Worm
Emanuele Schember - Bass, Effects
Dario Graziano - Drums
Lorenzo De Stefano - Guitars, Vocals
Record Label: Everlasting Spew Records


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