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Nahemah - A New Constellation (CD)

A New Constellation
by Harry Papadopoulos at 31 May 2009, 1:29 PM

Instead of a prologue: you have a band. This band has a contract with a label. You just released your fourth album and you are trying to make another step in the worldwide music industry. First, in our days you ought to have an official website and not only a MySpace page. And if you are doing any updates, just say it, don't redirect us to MySpace. Secondly, it's good to have an even small bio for the ones that would like to find out some things about the band and the editor that wants to write something about.

So, after searching all the well-known sites I ended up to their label's official page and found out some things about NAHEMAH, a band from Alicante Spain that was formed in 1997. The band has already released three albums, the first one was self-released. A New Constellation is their fourth one and the second one under the umbrella of Lifeforce Records. Well, that's about it about the band; let's check their album.

Well… I don't know… maybe I wasn't in the mood for this CD. Maybe I wasn't the proper one to make the review. Maybe I didn't dedicate the time that A New Constellation needs as an album. Or this album is just another clone of OPETH, a band that I dislike, with some PINK FLOYD - a band that I love - touches. Imagine the classic, growl-then-melodic vocals once again and some progressive sections with keyboards and repeating melodies on the same tune. Of course you can find some nice ideas and I caught myself moving my head a couple of times, but the overall result lacks inspiration, not from the ideas point of view, but the performance of the compositions.

Fans of OPETH, the light side of DARK TRANQUILLITY and other bands like these ones will probably like A New Constellation and should definitely give it a try! As for the others, if you like the progressive sound in general you may find some parts interesting, like I did. If you like your Death Metal pure, just choose another band.
I'm not sure if I have to rate this album with just my point of view or with the eyes of a fan of the pre-mentioned bands. In my opinion, this album deserves a 4/10, but I think it's better to judge it as a fan, so…

3 Star Rating

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Pablo Egido - Vocals
Paco Porcel - Bass
Miguel Palazon - Guitars
Rob Marco - Guitars
Record Label: Lifeforce Records


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