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Nailgun – Desolation

by Matt Coe at 17 November 2014, 10:52 PM

Starting in mid-2008 as a group of musicians from Southern Germany determined to play in a real metal band, NAILGUN has evolved over the course of their two previous albums “Paindustry” from 2011 and “New World Chaos” in 2012 into an act that isn’t prototypical in their approach. “Desolation” is their third full-length, and my first exposure to the quintet- yet I must admit that it took a few spins to warm up to their sound.

Sonically and musically, NAILGUN will never be mistaken for the most punishing act – they instead prefer to be more classic in their outlook, melodic more often than the average Power/Thrash band. Manuel Blesch as a vocalist has a decent mid-range that conveys classic doom/power range, something akin to MEMORY GARDEN or Messiah Marcolin during his MEMENTO MORI time. The guitars and rhythm section occasionally flash energetic moments amidst the mid-tempo grooves – and gang vocals emphasize certain choruses. “Asylum” contains gallop oriented parts that are BRAINSTORM-ish if taken through an exotic twist, while “Devil’s Ground” and “Catch My Fall” with a bevy of Morsch/ Eppli axe harmonies and counterpoint riffs give the nod to many facets of the RAGE catalog.

I think an aspect that needs to be improved upon on future outings is the drumming of Steffen Wiesel. It’s not that he isn’t capable of energetic tempos – but there are times that when he lays back into a pocket, the parts seem lifeless and calculated. As unique as NAILGUN is, these songs deserve as strong a performance in the percussion department as the guitars, vocals, and arrangements provide.

The quieter opening of “End of an Era” that again transforms itself into epic riffing and melodies gives off a certain vibe to 80’s period IRON MAIDEN, and hopefully as the closer is a sign of things to come. “Desolation” is a slow grower, and could be a hidden gem for many in their collections.

3 Star Rating

1. The Message
2. Asylum
3. Crimean Crisis
4. Devil’s Ground
5. Rise of Evil
6. Tyrant’s Fall
7. Calamity
8. A Fading Existence
9. Catch My Fall
10. End of An Era
Manuel Blesch – Vocals
Daniel Morsch – Guitar
Nenad Eppli – Guitar
Sven Rakowitz – Bass
Steffen Wiesel – Drums
Record Label: 7Hard Records


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