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Nailgun Massacre - Boned, Boxed and Buried

Nailgun Massacre
Boned, Boxed and Buried
by Danny Sanderson at 13 February 2015, 5:33 AM

The Netherlands has garnered an impressive reputation for producing some really stellar Extreme Metal bands in the last decade or so. From CARACH ANGREN's Symphonic Black Metal mastery to Death Metal legends LEGION OF THE DAMNED, to name but two, it's safe to say that this is a nation that knows how to write a devilish and demonic ditty. NAILGUN MASSACRE are one such band that writes Metal of the Extreme variety who have already put out an album of great Death Metal tracks. And their second record, "Boned, Boxed and Buried" is no different.

"Where's the Head?" kicks this album off in a suitable fashion. It's a fairly straight forward Death Metal track, with thick guitar riffs and the power of Hairybucks driving the song forward from behind the drum kit. The title track opens on a twin guitar riff that is strongly reminiscent of "Heartwork" era CARCASS, before the main part of the song is built around much darker, dirtier, old school riffs. The bizarrely named "Stinky Stench" serves as a fast, hard, punky kick in the face from the band, and is one of the highlights of the album. The albums fourth track, "I Bury the Hatched in your Face" is more of a straight forward, mid-paced Death Metal track, but isn't really a stand out track in any regard. "Meat Locker", by contrast, is a really solid piece of music; it's well written, and music all fits together seamlessly, and the sound bites that are utilized in the song are only used when it will enhance the music on offer. "Nailgun Messiah" is another really fast, ferocious, old school Death Metal song with some really powerful drumming on it. It's easily among the best songs on the album. The slow chug of "Casket Full of Fun" is another really good song that delivers musically.

This really is an album that gets better as it goes along. After "The Doctor and The Beast", a song which is sadly average at best, "Mad Road Killer" rampages and stampedes the album back onto form before the last two tracks commence. "What's in the Box?" is a short piano piece that acts as an interlude before the final song, "Lower Me Down" begins. This last song, at almost eight minutes long, is the longest track on the album by far, and starts with a slow, melodic riff in the vein of early PARADISE LOST, and then becomes a brilliantly macabre, slow and dark tune. The twin guitar sections work very well, and the atmosphere makes this one of the albums main highlights.

With all the musical hooks and talent of early AUTOPSY and ASPHYX, coupled with the tongue in cheek humour of MACABRE, this album is sure to go down well with old and new Death Metallers alike. If these sort of bands are right up your street, then you might want to give this album a try.

3 Star Rating

1. Where's the Head?
2. Boned, Boxed and Buried
3. Stinky Stench
4. I Bury the Hatched in your Face
5. Meat Locker
6. Nailgun Messiah
7. Casket Full of Fun
8. The Doctor and The Beast
9. Mad Road Killer
10. What's in the Box?
11. Lower Me Down
Juggernaut - Bass
Hairybucks - Drums
Meataxe - Guitars
Bonesaw - Guitars
Corpsechucker - Vocals
Record Label: Xtreem Music


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