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Nale - Ghost Road Blues Reissue

Ghost Road Blues Reissue
by Crisstopher Robyn at 20 May 2019, 6:32 PM

Swedish Metal act NALE have been creating music for almost a decade. They bring a vicious blend of Metal in the likes of PANTERA and THE HAUNTED with their fast paced rock and a punk fueled in-your-face attitude. NALE delivered a high octane album back in October 12, 2012. Their full-length debut “Ghost Road Blues” and it is being re-issued Sound Pollution Distribution. You can grab a copy here: Ghost Road Blues | Black Lodge Records. Let’s jump back into 2012 and see what the band was placing out into the airwaves.

Basher” begins the album with chugging guitars and vocals. As the music starts to grind away at your ears the music goes back to the head-bobbing chug again. Even with pauses into the parts of the song, it leaves you thinking the song is over, it just punches you in the stomach and continues on.  “Why Am I” is pure fast paced rhythm. It has this old school METALLICA feel although the vocals are deeper in tone. The song’s a blast to listen to and leaves me wondering how powerful it would be to see live.  “Burning” is a twenty-second interlude halfway through the album and sort of feels out of place.

From Shit to Salvation” kicks off the second half of the album. The chugging guitars really hold the pace of the song. The lyrics are full of angst and the emotion can be felt within the music. It speaks of their conviction to what they are doing and seem to be justifying why they do it. Their passion is really put on display. The second half is more of a slug-fest when it comes to the music, but I need to speak about a couple of songs that are here. “The End Of This” precedes the last song of the album. The song reminds of CLUTCH of old. The sluggish barrage of guitars and drums really create this funky mood around the music. The vocals keep rhythm with the music, and seemingly create a unique sound.  “New World Order” is the final song and I always seem to listen to songs that share song titles with other bands. It isn’t really a comparison between them, I just find everyone has a unique take on things. The song is rich with tones and rhythm and holds a definitive sound for the band. The lyrical contents are a “Open your eyes” kind of deal, which ironically most songs of this title are.

NALE were showing some great talent back in the beginnings of their tale. The music shows some nods to their influences while still sharing their unknown talent of what they can accomplish. I hear a wide variety of styles that have kept the band going for quite some time. Even with their release in 2018, “Death. Skulls. Satan.,” the re-release of “Ghost Road Blues” should keep interest in the band flowing until they are ready to record new music.

Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Basher
2. Love Lust Pain
3. Rise
4. Why Am I
5. Burning
6. From Shit to Salvation
7. The Fun In Funeral
8. Catch 27
9. The End Of This
10. New World Order

Anders Ljung - Drums
Johan Risberg - Bass
Mathias Blom - Vocals
Tomas Åkvik – Guitar

Record Label: Sound Pollution


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