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Nameless Crime - Law And Persecution (CD)

Nameless Crime
Law And Persecution
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 25 February 2007, 8:29 AM

When I saw this album, I was almost sure that I had to do with a Greek band. No need for lies, the cover reminded me of some Greek demo CD's, which many times are being produced in a hurry and in a very amateur way. Anyway, it wasn't a Greek band after all and it also wasn't something I expected to listen (regarding the genre). Anyway, I was close regarding the country…

So, NAMELESS CRIMES are neighbours to me. They are Italians and they were formed in 2000 in Naples. The band recorded two demos, one in 2000 and one in 2001, and managed to sign a contract with Nocturnal Music. There, they released their debut album Nameless Crime in 2003. The band has also taken part in a compilation, which was released by Massacre Records in 2003 (Metal Merchant Vol.18). This is their second full-length album. I listened to it several and here is what I have to say…

 NAMELESS CRIME's music is classic Heavy Metal, enriched with some more aggressive Thrash Metal parts. They didn't manage to amaze me or something like that but I admit that I found them a bit interesting. What they play has nothing to offer to the Metal scene and is pretty common, but they still manage to sound more than decent. Their production is pretty nice, even though the sound could be a bit better. The eleven tracks of Law And Persecution are very nice compositions based on catchy riffs and Manda's really nice vocals. Their sound is a mixture of classic Heavy and US Power Metal bands like ANGEL WITCH and HELSTAR, as well as some Thrash influences from bands like TESTAMENT and VIO-LENCE. So, the Heavy/Thrash style of NAMELESS CRIME (hmmm, I just thought of a band that is a bit similar to them, IMAGIKA) has been for some days in my CD player. On the one hand I ask myself why do particularly new bands play something that doesn't seem to move on, but on the other hand I thank God for those bands because only a few of today's bands belong to this genre.

To tell you the truth, I would think about it very carefully before buying such an album. You know what you have to face so no mistakes are allowed. This genre is classic and has never changed so if you are not a fan, better stay away from it. No new elements and stuff like that. Just pure Heavy/Thrash that is appropriate for nights with beer and conversation about Heavy Metal. I would also like to see these guys performing live, I think they will kick major ass!

3 Star Rating

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Fabio Manda - Vocals
Alessandro Tuccillo - Guitar
Marco Ruggiero - Guitar
Raffaele Lanzuise - Bass
Peppe Iovine - Drums
Record Label: Powerzone Records


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