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Nanowar Of Steel - A Knight At The Opera

Nanowar Of Steel
A Knight At The Opera
by Michael "MettleAngel" Francisco at 03 April 2014, 2:57 PM

Those Italian stallions of iron mayhem are back and ready to ride their tricycles of steel into glory with gay pride. Yes Posers, it is time for that true metal of steel sound, where other bands play, NANOWAR OF STEEL may gleefully defend the blood of the queens. Heed the Nanowarrior's prayer - a culling of the herd - rapsody of True Metal for Odino & Valhalla.

With the power of the power of the power of the power of the great flesh sword held tightly in their grasp, witness the warlords swing and strike each note as carefully as they would play tennis with their soft balls. With tongue firmly planted in each ass cheek, hear how they poke fun, yet still celebrate the warriors of the world of MANOWAR and RHAPSODY OF FIRE, and happily hail their king of the Metal milieu: Luca Turilli.

For the adroit album “A Knight At The Opera” these masters of pizazz have chosen to re-record a number of Classics, as well as include some of their Internationally acclaimed singles, and songs in other languages. In fact, the Russian selection “Хуйзбекистан (Hujzbekistan)” is a comment of erotic cool fictional. A tumescent tale of girth and manly growth for the mock cuntry of Cockbekistan where the Gay people live in the forests filled with huge cocks which emerge from the sorted soil and sordid earth.

These polyglots are well versed in the vernacular and all things mettle. They have a cockamamie, silly sense of humor; clearly evidenced by the included bonus DVD which was recorded live October 20th, 2007 at the “True As Steel Festival”. They are also multi-talented proud men. Every member is an accomplished musician. Potowotominimak is a professional artist who has designed several of the band's covers. Mohammed Abdul is an exceptional guitarist. Gatto is quite astute when it comes to the physical sciences.

These triumphant storm lords of power have a noble purpose. They enjoy having fun, and be mocking some Metal acts. “Number Of The Bitch” is an IRON MAIDEN parody and similar to something STEEL PANTHER would attempt, and most likely will bemoan the fact they did not think of it first. Although, the keepers of the key risqué verses do not intend to ridicule EDDIE's power slaves, they just chose to write about phone sex using the same style of music, for those who have not a girlfriend, lest he arrapate to stop to masturbate. This is no different than what Weird Al would do. They also have another goofy song called “Masters Of Pizza”. In fact they have a number of songs about eating and cheating. With “King” though, the obvious derision is implied as they choose to jeer and funk with Luca T. I just wish they would have revisited “Emerald Fork” - a hilarious culinary delight prepared and served with bad taste spoofing RHAPSODY OF FIRE's “Emerald Sword”. “Poseur” replete with it club beats, and balladesque quality is self-explanatory; especially if you do not know the name of the first MANOWAR album, do not know the difference between Bruce Dickinson and Blaze Bayley, and if you opt to wear the shirt of “Load”. “Tricycles Of Steel” is a puerile but poignant take on “Wheels Of Fire”, replete with honking horns.

It is no surprise that I la, la, la love Metal, and I also enjoy a good laugh. Whether it is the now defunct Brazilian MASSACRATION, JALBADOATH, the Hanover German GRAILKNIGHTS, or even GWAR (R.I.P. Dave Brockey!), music and mirth are the message of my soul. NANOWAR OF STEEL did it again! Long live their legacy, and always look to them to keep it real.

4 Star Rating

1. A Knight At The Opera
2. Tricycles Of Steel
3. Metal
4. To Kill The Dragon You Need A Sword
5. Fight The Dragon For The Village
6. Poser
7. Giorgio Mastrota (The Keeper Of Inox Steel)
8. King
9. Power Of The Power Part. 2 / Cила силы большего меча (Potentia Magni Gladi советам)
10. Number Of The Bitch (Iron Maiden Parody)
11. Il Cacciatore Della Notte
12.  The Feudalesima E Liberta
13. True Metal Of Steel
14. El Campo De Nabos
15. Хуйзбекистан (Hujzbekistan)
Potowotominimak (Carlo Alberto Fiaschi) – Vocals
Mohammed Abdul (Valerio Storch) – Guitars, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Gatto Panceri 666  (Edoardo Carlesi)  – Bass, Guitars
Uinona Raider (Alessandro Milone)  – Drums, Guitars
Baffo (Raffaello Venditti) - Choir Vocals, Kazoo
Record Label: Temple Of Noise


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