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Napalm Death - Coded Smears and More Uncommon Slurs Award winner

Napalm Death
Coded Smears and More Uncommon Slurs
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 13 April 2018, 6:58 AM

When you want to hear a violent form of music, with a chaotic format and explosive energy, let me tell you: call NAPALM DEATH, the English kings of musical violence and creators/pioneers of Grindcore. Even their compilations are precious, like this one, named “Coded Smears and More Uncommon Slurs”.

These songs here are bonus from Japanese versions of their albums, some came from vinyl albums, others from split albums, from some B-sides and all those stuff that can’t be found on common versions of “. But as I wrote above: everything is precious, because these songs show as their musical firepower hadn’t weakened through the years. It’s the opposite: the older they are, the noisy and brutal they seem to be! It’s Grindcore done with heart and soul, and attitude, thinks that are linked to their name!

Of course you’ll feel some differences between the sound qualities of the tracks, reminding you that compilations have this feature (the production changes from an album to another, remember?). But don’t be distressed, because NAPALM DEATH prefers to use a sound quality that is near to their live shows, so it’s always heavy, organic, aggressive, but with a clean insight. The aggressiveness comes from the instrumental tunes they use. So we can say that Russ Russell made a great work on recording, mixing, engineering and mastering this compilation.

NAPALM DEATH always shows a great quality on their musical work. But there are some precious tracks here, coming from special versions of “Utilitarian”, “Apex Predator - Easy Meat”, “Smear Campaign” and “Time Waits For No Slave”, some covers and other rare stuff. But to be stomped by juggernaut songs as “Standardization”, “Oh So Pseudo”, “Losers”, “Caste as Waste”, “Paracide” (a cover for GEPØPEL’s song), “Critical Gluttonous Mass”, “An Extract (Strip It Clean)”, “Suppressed Hunger” and “To Go Off and Things” (a CARDIACS’ old song) on the disc 1; and the spine crushed by “Clouds of Cancer/Victims of Ignorance”, “Like Piss to a Sting”, “Where the Barren is Fertile”, “Will by Mouth”, “Omnipresent Knife in Your Back”, their version for SACRILEGY’s “Lifeline”, “Youth Offender”, “Outconditioned” (an old song from DESPAIR) and “Weltschmerz (Extended Apocalyptic Version)” is an honor, and a great pleasure for any extreme Metal fan.

No sweat, just musical violence. NAPALM DEATH is proud to be violent, so listen to “Coded Smears and More Uncommon Slurs” with full force and let your neighbors move far from you!

Originality: 10
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 8
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

Disc 1:

1. Standardization
2. Oh so Pseudo
3. It Failed to Explode
4. Losers
5. Call That an Option?
6. Caste as Waste
7. We Hunt in Packs
8. Oxygen of Duplicity
9. Paracide (GEPØPEL cover)
10. Critical Gluttonous Mass
11. Aim Without an Aim
12. An Extract (Strip It Clean)
13. Phonetics for the Stupefied
14. Suppressed Hunger
15. To Go off and Things (CARDIACS Cover)

Disc 2:

1. Clouds of Cancer/Victims of Ignorance
2. What is Past is Prologue
3. Like Piss to a Sting
4. Where the Barren is Fertile
5. Crash the Pose (GAUZE cover)
6. Earthwire
7. Will by Mouth
8. Everything in Mono
9. Omnipresent Knife in Your Back
10. Lifeline (SACRILEGE cover)
11. Youth Offender
12. No Impediment to Triumph (Bhopal)
13. Legacy Was Yesterday
14. Outconditioned (DESPAIR cover)
15. Atheist Runt
16. Weltschmerz (Extended Apocalyptic Version)
Mark “Barney” Greenway - Vocals
Mitch Harris - Guitars
Shane Embury - Bass
Danny Herrera - Drums
Record Label: Century Media Records


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