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Napalm Storm - Harmless Cruelty

Napalm Storm
Harmless Cruelty
by Matt Coe at 08 July 2014, 8:46 AM

This Thrash band from Spain originally started in 2010 under the name NAPALM, recording a self-produced EP in 2012 “Objective to Kill” before unanimously deciding a year later to modify their name to the current NAPALM STORM. Now it’s 2014 and we have “Harmless Cruelty”, the debut full length from this quartet – an 11 track effort of pummeling, straight ahead fierceness with occasional melodic elements to keep the proceedings that much more interesting and entertaining.

Overall, the initial parts of the band’s style that captured my attention would include the raw, venomous delivery emanating from bassist Carlos Tello’s voice as well as this dual, heads down speed picking attack that guitarists Fernando Tovar and Michal Kacprzak use throughout highlights such as “Bohemian Reunion” and “Napalm Attack”. It’s quite obvious by a lot of the time changes, cymbal rides, and general energy that NAPALM STORM have a lot of love for all facets of 1980’s SLAYER as well as the natural acts who took influence from this group like DARK ANGEL and SACRIFICE – but I believe the vocals are in more of a German mold and deeper than most typical Thrash bands.

Some may have issue with the typewriter digital style double bass sound coming from drummer Alejandro Duarte – yet I think overall his skill level is above average, so this is a minor complaint on an otherwise more than adequate sounding final product. Check out some of his fills and transitions during “Erased Steps” or “Legion of Death” and I’m sure there will be no shortage of windmill, neck banging action to these songs.

Those who can’t get enough of thrash these days will find plenty to smile about with “Harmless Cruelty”.

4 Star Rating

1. Flagellum Dei
2. Legions of Death
3. Bohemian Reunion
4. Betrayer
5. Slaves of Divinity
6. Fuck the System
7. Fearcracy
8. Dynasty of Tyrants
9. Napalm Attack
10. Erased Steps
11. Harmless Cruelty
Carlos Tello – Vocals, Bass
Fernando Tovar – Guitar
Michal Kacprzak – Guitar
Alejandro Duarte – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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