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Napalm Ted - Pestilential Pursuit

Napalm Ted
Pestilential Pursuit
by Craig Rider at 07 February 2023, 8:55 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: NAPALM TED; independently unsigned, hailing from Finnish grounds - performing Death Metal/Grindcore/Punk, on their 6th EP entitled “Pestilential Pursuit” (released December 2nd, 2022). Since formation in 2015; the trio in question have 2 splits, 1 compilation, 1 live album, 2 full-lengths & 6 EPs in their discography so far. I am introduced to their 6th EP, 5 tracks ranging around 13 minutes; NAPALM TED arranges an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Death Metal/Grindcore/Punk developments.

Opening up with this blistering barrage frenzy in boisterously bouncy calamity; “Skeletal Lane” starts off the record with radically wicked rampancy, belting a clobbering foundation in bludgeoning hooks and amplified adrenaline that bulldozes eardrums into rampaging oblivion. Nothing but extreme aggression and fierce firepower expertise fabricates a battering stampede on maniacal desegregation amongst a diabolical intensity on ruthless pandemonium that’s rambunctiously noisy with thanks to Ted Nugget’s bass audibility on thumpy piledrives, while the slaying manifestation of Han Ted’s primitively raw volatility smacks speakers with onslaughting stompiness to boot… especially in “Purgatorium”. Gravy Ted’s shouty vocals showcases raspy throatiness with that punk guttural aesthetic for good measure; where relentlessly sulfurous solidities on slabby mass distortion harbors a monstrously meaty malignance on gnarly but contorted dexterity, seamlessly merged well with the organic substance on throttling savagery that’s most gruesome and delicious.

White Riot” attributes with more sonic synergy; nothing overly dynamic but abominably visceral & weighty, where punchy robustness rumbles with reverberant yet romping maelstrom madness that’s just most deadly in every sense. While the penultimate banger “The Rot” vehemently overdrives with versatile momentum on concretely gritty density; as ripping shreds monolithically strife with strident tempo at a firing all cylinders crescendo effect on towering tremolo persistency, that perseveres with an all guns blazing prerogative that’s most salubrious for a headbanging rager of a good time.

Overall concluding “Pestilential Pursuit” with the finale epic “Flesh Prison”; this short but hell of a sweet recording is but a taste of what’s to come, basically… A bone crushing assimilation on these merged subgenres gives a diverse craftsmanship edge that will most surely wake you up for a timeless revel on motivating veracity & striking pursuit. Bottom line; I am compelled to say that NAPALM TED most definitely delivered a healthy dose on some mandatory Death Metal/Grindcore/Punk thrashing hysteria in which will start your day off rightly with no doubt, certainly check it out - this was an enjoyable discovery and entertaining listen for those who wish to unleash some steam.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

01. Skeletal Lane
02. Purgatorium
03. White Riot
04. The Rot
05. Flesh Prison
Gravy Ted – Guitar/Vocals
Han Ted – Drums/Vocals/Noises
Ted Nugget – Bass
Record Label: Independent


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