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Narbeleth - Indomitvs

by Clarissa "Wulf" Wright at 06 November 2017, 11:59 AM

NARBELETH is a one-man black metal band that has lived on since 2009. Having previously released "A Hatred Manifesto" and "Through Blackness and Remote Places", the band also set fires alight across various stages in Europe.  Inspired by blasphemy, the occult and traditional Scandinavian masters of black metal, in their recent release of "Indomitvs", NARBELETH reverts away from the highly digitised world of music production. Mastered by Ole Hartvigsen (KAMPFAR), we can expect this music will stay true to the old-school black metal style.

Dark clouds of distortion draw in with the first track “The Distortion of Life” through its trembling performance of grim guitars and throaty harsh vocals. “When the Sun Dies” begins with a speeded tremolo guitar, catchy and energetic. Drums lightly blast beat and pave the rhythms, with the repetitive guitars. Vocals are powerfully raspy and add shade to the atmosphere, changing in pitch and tone. The temperature cools in “The Lower Point of the Star”, featuring chanting vocals in the background, and chilled occult vibes that ooze out the sound. “Sinister Laberynths of Human Soul” is my favourite track here. Particularly when an interlude of clean guitars bring out a nostalgic melody, that is then echo-ed out by the electric guitars that repeat in the last build-up of the song. In the final track that honours ARCKANUM in their cover “Dadmellin” (Arckanum), guitars strain in metallic distortion. Ride cymbals and snare persist in the background, before tom hits march away and build climax to the finale.

NARBELETH provide a brutal ‘true to the roots’ performance of black metal in the release "Indomitvs". Distorted guitars dominate the scene, highlighted with throaty and soul-sucking vocals. These sounds do meet the expectations for a project that wishes to avoid the polish of highly digitalised production through its ‘rough-cut’ sound. Even so, the sounds are still quite clear and balanced, and create a deep atmosphere. I recommend "Indomitvs" for those who favor the occult, classical styles of black metal.

Songwriting 7
Originality 6
Memorability 7
Production 7

3 Star Rating

1. The Distortion of Life
2. When the Sun Has Died
3. The Lower Point of the Star
4. Herald of the Dawn
5. The First to Rise
6. Via Profane Crafts
7. Sinister Laberynths of Human Soul
8. Dauðmellin (Arckanum cover)
Dakkar – All Instruments
Record Label: Folter Records


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