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Narbeleth - Through Blackness and Remote Places Award winner

Through Blackness and Remote Places
by Michael Coyle at 26 August 2015, 4:29 PM

Through the time that I have been in the Temple, I have had the pleasure of reviewing some of the Black Metal’s most extreme and some of the most demolishing tunes that I have ever had the pleasure of listening to; today I have the pleasure once more, though I may not have heard of this band before, I feel that for the listeners and myself, that this will be something to open up and find something which I will enjoy.

Sons of the Grand Cosmic Emanation
With the start of this record’s first track, we already have some suffering sounds of aggressive dark nature flowing through my speakers; honestly though, this is an awesome way of opening the track and it really has feeling to it with so much more being offered to us folks. The track has some really heavy beats, which work in tone with the guitars and vocals, to create a really great and really powerful track for us to try, it feels so different though, for me, as there are some points in the track where you can feel the changes and yet feel the classic raw tone that we have always been able to hear when it comes to raw black metal.

Mesmerized by the Pale Ghost Moonlight
As like the previous track, we have a very similar opening, which goes to show us that the band has a sound that they feel they can keep and carry on with, which is great to be very honest, as it shows that the band have an idea as to what they want and how they are going to get it; even still, the track follows the same formula as with the first track yet has a faster and more potent tone, which continues the band’s reign of aggressive and fast grooved music.

An Unholy Gathering
Now this is something pretty badass, ladies and gents; just the way it opens sounds heavy and really well balanced when it comes to the tracks tone and the vocals as a whole, it shows me that the band has different plans for each track and that each one will have there own personality, which is a good thing to see when looking into bands like this, there are some points in the track where the tone does get a bit out of place but does not stray me away from is being played and shows me that the track has many different layers for us all to peel back.

“Delivering the Very Soul
The track itself starts off fast and showing no end to it's own fury; from this we can see that the band is going into some of Black Metal’s strong original ideas, which defined the sub-genre as a fast and very relentless idea; that folks, is just what we get with this very track and so much more I would say, as it shows the band going into their roots and into their future with both familiar ideas and as well, more modern ideas, which I feel have helped the genre grow and as well evolve over the years.

The Lightbringer
For this track, we see the band open with a more slower paced intro, which starts off with some very doom lined riffs mixed with a slow and very eerie drum tone which then leads to one of the few solos that we get to see on this record; in any case it shows us that this record has more surprises then we originally thought and that, in so many ways, is the best thing about this record, as it shows us that the band have different ideas mixing together to create a very strong and very personal adventure into the minds of the band and what they intend to bring with this creation. The strange thing is that the opening of this track could have been mistaken for depressive black metal, that is, until we see the band kick it hard and bring it even harder.

The Eternal Return
With how we have seen the record grow so far, it is no surprise that we have another fast starter, which for me so far, have been my favorites on this record, as they show the anger and rage being portrayed through every line of text, which is just incredible, when you see a band like this take their emotional torment and bring it into a song, that is when it becomes genuine for both the listener and the band, as there is this solid connection that can be seen and it shares between the fan base alike. In general the track shows us the bands more extreme side than ever on this entire record by diving deeper into the madness that is their music and their creation, as one.

Through Black and Remote Places
The start is different compared to what we have seen so far, but it works as there are separate tones I see being used for this and there are also different ideas being formed into the whole of this behemoth: I would say that this track is the most structured on the record, as there are steps I can hear in the song being taken in each section, from slow down to fast as fuck, which shows us how well the band have concentrated on making this record the way it is and how they have also brought their A game to the table, as well.

Gaze Upon Heaven in Flames(JUDAS ISCARIOT Cover)
To end, we have the band performing a cover, which I found pretty badass: their take on this track is incredible and really powerful; it takes it's own form, while at the same time, keeping to the structure you would expect from this band.

To conclude, I really found this record to be a gem among the rough and it shows that it is a record for the ages to come.

4 Star Rating

1. Sons of the Grand Cosmic Emanation
2. Mesmerized by the Pale Ghost Moonlight
3. An Unholy Gathering
4. Delivering the Very Soul
5. The Lightbringer
6. The Eternal Return
7. Through Black and Remote Places
8. Gaze Upon Heaven in Flames (Judas Iscariot Cover)
Lord Dakkar - Vocal, All Instruments
Record Label: Folter Records


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