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Narcosynthesis - Flash Of Blood (CD)

Flash Of Blood
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 04 October 2006, 1:03 PM

I don't know what people think, but Thrash is a genre that requires big balls to play! Am I clear? It seems not because many bands have visions to destroy my favorite genre by producing something less noisy than an underground Noisecore band! Can't they at least try a bit harder and in a more professional way? Let me grab my shovel and I'll start reviewing this demo CD…
So, Narcosynthesis are an Italian Thrash Metal band. They were founded in the winter of 2003 by Alessandro, Sabino and Vincenzo. Later on, Gerardo was recruited as a bass player and the band recorded their first MCD, which is the one I'm reviewing now, Flash Of Blood. The band is now working on new material with a second guitar player ( Nicola Mastrapasqua) and a new bass player ( Massimiliano Saulle).
I would first like to inform you that while reviewing this CD I had to face one more unprofessional band. While I was reading the tracklist in the back cover, the CD had the tracks written on it but with one more track! The tracks I have written above are the tracks that are written on the CD (with a marker). The CD's artwork is a picture I can't understand and its quality is awful (regarding the pixels). The logo and the CD's name haven't took a long time to be done for sure and the back cover's info (band line up, tracklist etc.) can hardly be read… The production really sucks! First of all, it is clear that the drums have been fixed on a PC, but for God's sake, can't you fix the MIDI sound a bit? The drums sound like a childish toy! I mean, do they seriously expect that they will sign a contract with a label with this stuff? Please, be more serious! You have to be kidding!
I want to make clear that I don't have something against this band and if you have read any previous reviews I have written you will see that I am not severe at all! I just can't stand it when a band has this stupid sound (I am not talking about their music, but their sound). Their music is nothing interesting but a mediocre 80's Thrash/Death Metal sound! Oh, did I mention that the singer tries to be brutal but it seems that he fails? No? Too bad…
Anyway, I wasted my time with this band! I can't sit here and write for a band that is so unprofessional towards the press. That's all I had to say. You can visit their MySpace page, listen to the tracks and judge for yourselves…

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Prelude To Madness/Flash Of Blood
Morbid Desire
Thirst Of Power
The Obsession Within
Sabino Forina - Vocals
Alessandro Di Monte - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Gerardo Serra - Bass
Vincenzo Pistillo - Drums
Record Label: Self Financed


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