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Narvik – Thghtlss Lght

Thghtlss Lght
by James Brizuela at 23 July 2019, 1:31 AM

I love atmospheric and evil sounding black metal bands. NARVIK is chock full of that vile sound. Hailing from the land of Germany, the black metal outfit return with their new EP, “Thghtlss Lght”. Like being dragged down into a darkened chasm of putrid evil, the opening track “Shattering the Vessels” begins with the atmospheric sounds of wind and doom. There are some Egyptian styled sounds that are heard with some eerie whispering faintly heard. My skin began to crawl immediately when I started listening to the track. Then the track kicks in with the blistering blast beats and chaotic guitar riffs. The echoed vocals of Redeemer carry through to complete the evil sound. I especially like the backing vocals that seem to be yelling to compliment the high pitch screams. It creates this extra level of doom.

Womb of Lilith” feels like an ode to battle. The vocals cadence carried over into a slower tempo that made it seem as though the general is addressing his soldiers to ready them for war.  I love the vocal prominence that exists in the EP. A lot of times with black metal bands the vocals get lost in the fold of the overpowering guitars and drums, but NARVIK puts the focus on the vocals that carry in a very deep and determined way. And the shouting deeper vocals paired with the vile high pitch screams create this powerful dichotomy. The eerie whispering at the end of the track just adds that element of evil. I love that the tracks fade out but continue that atmospheric sound of doom. “Into the Patterns of Ajna” brings the brutality with it. There is some beautiful guitar work done in this track. The wailing guitar riffs compliment the powerful vocals. The tempo picks up the pace again in this track and delivers a harrowing sound of brutality.

NARVIK deliver a short and sweet EP in “Thghtlss Lght”. I honestly wish this was a full album, but I am sure that is upcoming. If you want to feel the evil and putrid vileness of black metal, look no further.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Shattering the Vessels
2. Womb of Lilith
3. Into the Patterns of Ajna
Redeemer – Vocals
Lupus – Guitars
Nox – Bass
Agreas – Guitars
Asgoroth – Drums
Record Label: Van Records


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