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Nash B.C. - Burning Babylon Award winner

Nash B.C
Burning Babylon
by Jussi Gough at 10 May 2017, 1:49 PM

Edgy metal that awakens the senses that pours it's way into your daily cup of listening brew let's welcome Greece's own NASH B.C. with their latest release titled Burning Babylon. An album with an eclectic style that blends rock n' roll with energetic technical compositions which one might call straight forward power metal but these grecian gents have their own way of generating a unique variety themselves. Burning Babylon consists of nine songs belting out smooth sailing grooves of hard rock guitars, steady fast drumming, savvy bass to vocals that are reminiscent of the band HINDER's ex-vocalist Austin Winkler (Extreme Behavior-05, song “Get Stoned”). NASH B.C musically possesses radio friendly tunes that can make a fan out of any listener for the trio doesn't have to prove to no one that they can shake the house down with their ballsy driven rhythms and polished songwriting.

“Black Fire” has an early rough back of rugged rock music that gives into a brief technical guitar solo in the beginning but waves out to some racy rhythms and solid drumming that utilizes some double bass makes for a show stopping piece. Frontman George hits it hard with energized vocals which empower life to this song and to each track there after. Many things that stick out with NASH B.C. are the qualities of professionalism from production to compositions that are well mastered for a band that have been around since last year (2016). There might be some out there that after listening to Burning Babylon in its entirety would think this group is an established band with years of serious experience. Despite the lack of experience the group more than makes up for it by showcasing their musical strength through their music.

Showing serious musicianship to their craft songs “The Siege”, “A Thousand Ways” and “Seeking” show riveting structures that are deliciously well constructed that makes each of these songs tailored accomplishments. NASH B.C. has what it takes to move on to a more serious front for they are skilled in their artistry as musicians  take mastermind guitar/bassist Nash who gives a tour de force with writing not only that for he plays guitars but does bass as well. Wonder how well that works out on stage? Nonetheless this group has a bright future with their music and anxious to see what becomes of this act in the later. Great work NASH B.C.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Burning Babylon
2. Black Fire
3. A Thousand Ways
4. Sands Of Destiny
5. Highway
6. The Siege
7. Mortal Bindings
8. Hiding In Plain Sight
9. Seeking
Costas Matis-Drums
Record Label: Rockshots Records


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