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Naslow - Naslow

by Isha Shah at 20 October 2014, 11:53 AM

European Metalcore bands are surly making a large comeback, as Finland’s own, NASLOW release their first ever EP, self-titled, on the 19th of September 2014.

With the absence of Aleski (ex lead guitarist), the bands groovy Metal aura had somewhat dissolved alongside him and a new Melodic Metalcore djent was filled in with Taayi Lindfors replacement. Due to the shift in their sound, a young talented screamer called Jarno Virkki joined, completing the bands style.

"Dead Inside" tames us in quietly, before the piercing screams of Virkki are heard and the full metabolic sound takes over our ears. The song follows a heavy structure of rage and  fury as the twist of clean vocals on screamed vocals temper with your mind, giving it an ease to appearance as well as exploring the boiling blood within.

Although you may find the vocals typical in a metal core band, Juhani Weeman adds a classic rock touch to his tone, rather than a squeaky clean finish, porting edge to the overall result.

Switching then to a soft intro of piano strokes, takes us to a polar opposite world where we almost feel like its a whole new band, could we surly be still listening to NASLOW? Following such a powerful roar, "Never Get To Know" is truly a soft break in the EP, where the band gets to explore a whole new side to them as tranquil and stable. As soon as you become content with this light sound, all aborts back to their original Metal eruption.

Following the true Metalcore heritage "Bleeding", seems to be a filler song. Although it fits into the album, it doesn’t quiet show great achievement or talent but a more basic song produced. However saying this, "No Tomorrow" ends the album on a heavier core, like the opening song they both correspond in similarities. Resting more on clean vocals in the chorus, the screams give this song a real edge and kick which keep it alive.

As being the first EP released by the revamped band, it dose not appear to be going all bad, as the small quartet of songs seem promising to be built on for the next release, but as a start it defiantly works.

3 Star Rating

1. Dead Inside
2. Never Get To Know
3. Bleeding
4. No Tomorrow
Juhani Weeman - Clean Vocals, Guitars
Jarno Virkki - Harsh Vocals, Keyboards
Taavi Lindfors - Guitars,
Juuso Hörkkö - Bass,
Niko Mäki - Drums, Backing Harsh Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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