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Nastrond - Muspellz Synir (CD)

Muspellz Synir
by Yiannis Mitsakos at 04 April 2008, 1:10 PM

Somewhere in the back of my mind that name existed, but it took a week to remember that I had a demo from them that was given by a close Swedish friend of mine, who in 2003 decided to go to Valhalla. So this review is dedicated to Ola; farewell my friend, hope to see ya somewhere.
For this fourth full-length step of these Swedishs, the main role of their album is death. The horrible smell, the reek of putrefaction is obvious in their sounds and that is something that makes them different from the whole scene of their country. To tell you the truth, most of the Swedish Black Metal bands have an ultra melodic tune in their songs that I cannot stand. Things are completely different in Muspellz Synir, that has a primitive air together with a real 'Black' emotion. Most of their songs are close to DARKTHRONE's minimalist form of composing near to a ritualistic one like the works of ILDJARN. If you are into these previous bands I guess you will like this one; well it's not in the same levels, but it is convincing for its purposes.
NASTROND deathly concept has a more 'philosophical' point of view considering it like the seed for regeneration, rebirth, the ending of the old that gives birth to something new and better. Death is the ultimate force that brings the equilibrium in nature, something that is the same for every living creature upon this planet, a divine force that brings the fear inside the head of humanity and this fear makes it different from the other species. That's why humans creates civilization and differs from the animals. Death is also the main reason for the existence of religions, since this fear of death is so heavy to be carried and the modern kind of monotheistic dogmas offers an painkiller for this one, although the older nature focused ones were more familiarized with the king of Hades, enough making him a god that many worshiped.
The music here differs, from strange structure ideas like in the The Gallow Reveals, being ultra mayhemic in tracks like Defiance Of The Transient, to a continuing noise full metaphysic journey like Die Sense Die Die Schwarze Herbstzeitlose Maht. Include to all these some ambient kind of interludes; or chants in Greek language like Agios.
I must admit that this was a surprise and the rotten aura that exposures from NASTROND (that, by the way, exist from 1993) hits immediately the soul of the listener. The serpent Nidhogg that lies on the roots of Yggdrasil can rest now. The Ragnarok is coming, beware…

3 Star Rating

Intro - The Gallow Reveals
Fenrir Prophesy
Defiance Of The Transient
Dark Fyres
Die Sense Die Die Schwarze Herbstzeitlose Maht
Ascending Blaze
Svarta Strander (Digerdoden)
Calling The Serpentine
Mouth Of The Sea
Passing Beyond Light
Karl NE - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Tapes
Arganas - Drums, Percussion, Tapes
Record Label: Debemur Morti Productions


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