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Nasty - Shokka

by Dave “That Metal Guy” Campbell at 09 February 2015, 8:32 PM

NASTY is a Hardcore Metal act from La Calamine, Belgium. They formed in 2005, and this new album entitled “Shokka”, contains a total of eighteen tracks, three of which are live tracks. Anytime you are talking about this genre, the boundaries are very narrow, and fans have come to expect a very linear, but familiar sound. A premium is usually placed on angry, brutal discord and a pounding rhythm section. “Shokka” is exactly what I am describing here. Short, rocket fuel laced tracks that leave a trail of fire in their wake. Vocals are angst filled harsh shouts, and the instruments work in total unison with the drums. Most songs are based on one simple, main riff and are usually accompanied by a breakdown or change of pace section at some point. At times, many of the tracks have an anthem quality to them and one where the fans can really connect with the band on their favorites. This is especially true for this genre during live performances, as I have witnessed, which I will get back to when the live tracks come around at the end. “Phoenix” is an example of this, where a loose chorus provides a lot of room to sing or shout along. There isn’t much room for prolonged melody or any slower or more introspective pieces either. This is as “in your face” as the genre of Metal can be, in my opinion. This is where you can feel the influence of Punk and early Punk Hardcore. The songs are short and the message is underscored. The sheer might of “Real Talk” is an example of this, where some street-style talking accompanies the guttural shouting. Getting back to the live tracks, this I where I think the energy and synergy of the band and audience connect best. Using “Hell on Earth” as perhaps the best example of this, the blast beat drumming pounds your soul and the earnestly shouted vocals do the rest. My overall impression is that NASTY has done the genre well. This is no-nonsense Hardcore. The only constructive criticism I might offer is that the sound is fairly narrow, even taking the genre boundaries as a given.

3 Star Rating

1. Shokka
2. No
3. Phoenix
4. Lying When They Love Us
5. The Heat
6. Real Talk
7. Fantasia Skit
8. Fantasia
9. Rebel with a Cause
10. Gym Skit
11. Politessenhass
12. Interlude
13. Irreversible
14. Fire
15. Outro
16. Fire on the People (live)
17. Hell on Earth (live)
18. Slaves to the Rich (live)
Matthi - Vocals
Paddy - Guitars
Berri - Bass
Nash - Drums
Record Label: BDHW Records


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