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Nasty Surgeons - Infectious Stench Award winner

Nasty Surgeons
Infectious Stench
by Kyle Scott at 16 July 2018, 6:30 AM

NASTY SURGEONS, the nasty Deathgrind Spaniards from Burgos have unleashed the apocalypse in the form of their sophomore album "Infectious Stench." Known for sounding like violent thoughts being fed through a meat grinder, NASTY SURGEONS infect all who listen with chronic headbanging, involuntary raising of the fists with index and pinky extended, and frequent opening of pits. There is no cure, but at least NASTY SURGEONS won’t let you suffer. One of the band’s main influences – considered the cornerstone of Deathgrind – are Gore kings CARCASS. NASTY SURGEONS even name one of their songs off "Infectious Stench" in honor of them. The first track “Ex Putrefactione Generati” takes us through a haze of sinister whispers to a roiling plasma pool of drums and low, low riffs. “Smell The Carcass” then hits the ground sprinting on centipede legs, screeching harpy riffs, buzzing flies and a news clip about a dismembered body being discovered in someone’s house. NASTY SURGEONS cut open, spill and squeeze out all sorts of unsettling infected chords. Ramon Mur’s drums send all twelve feet under with ten ton beats; a most violent execution of a drum kit if I ever heard one. Fabian Hernandez’s bass is the impenetrable bedrock layer.

“The Lobotomist” and “In Peaces” are vicious, cannibalistic tracks featuring multiple disturbed vocals of Raul Weaver stacked on top of one another like a psychotic cake that tries to eat itself. It’s quite horrifying. No one said that NASTY SURGEONS don’t know how to create a horrific soundscape, one of bubbling pus pools and bloody maelstroms. the pictures they paint for each song are all made in blood and some form of infected bodily fluid. Track nine, “Mouth to Anus” features a clip from one of the most disgusting modern horror movies, The Human Centipede, keeping the disgusting vibe going. "Infectious Stench" radiates repulsive. It’s uncleanliness occasionally cut by some sky-high guitar chord progression, but those chords are inevitably snatched from the air to be dragged back to the ground and promptly eviscerated. NASTY SURGEONS bring Hell and all that resides in its underbelly with "Infected Stench."

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Ex Putrefactione Generati
2. Smell the Carcass
3. Infectious Stench
4. Subdural Hematoma
5. Impaled Crucified and Beheaded
6. Forensic Necrophilia
7. The Lobotomist
8. In Peaces
9. (a) Mouth To Anus
10. (b) Infernal Bacterial Infection
11. © Dr. Death
Ramon Mur-Drums
Raul Weaver-Guitars, Vocals
Gonzalo Dalle-Guitars
Fabian Hernandez-Bass
Record Label: Xtreem Music


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