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Nation Despair - Only Embers Left

Nation Despair
Only Embers Left
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 06 January 2014, 7:43 PM

The resonances of melancholic music, enlightened by a chill of bitter coldness, progressively magnifying desperation as it proceeds to accumulate negativity while minute after minute afflicting your soul, capturing it under its web. It hasn’t been a surprise that such presentation would appear from anywhere else but the Finnish lands, as their Metal scene has been in touch with downheartedness for quite a long time in their Metal history. Netting the melodious, despondent, partially reserved and harshness, displaying similar elements of older acts such as OMNIUM GATHERUM, early SENTENCED and the mystique Doomed SWALLOW THE SUN, the rather youthful greyish spirit of NATION DESPAIR, connoted that they are on the right track of fulfilling the scene’s utmost Metal traits. Following the release of their own independent affair, “Only Embers Left”, these guys reminded me the golden years of a type of modernized Melodic Death Metal, touched by the blissful hand of Gothic / Doom Metal that can be, to a certain point, traced back to late 80’s and early 90’s of PARADISE LOST.

As the title track began immersing my thought patterns, containing them to its will, I had that inner feeling that this is listening session will serve as a hallowed point in Extreme Metal delivery. Adjoined by an equivocal heaviness of low tuned crushing guitars, along with providing a kind of rhythm guitar riffery that is highly catchy and pristine, NATION DESPAIR was able to submerge right through the skin with lead guitar licks and melodies, a directive that has been quite common within other Finnish Metal of the same caliber. These melodies, like roses within a valley of blackened thorns, ascertained the grey within the songwriting. NATION DESPAIR leaned on catchier notes, virtually simple structures steering right to the punch, usually with a lead guitar melody as the prime signature, a formula that worked rather well due to their impressive performance. Furthermore, it felt to me as if Jukka Pelkonen of OMNIUM GATHERUM took care of the vocal recordings, yet it didn’t surprise me as I listened to the execution of Eetu Tingander, delivering the same low end / guttural growls of an astonishing quality, mixed just right as his brutish chants melded with the infecting bitter music.

Aligning itself with a darkened Gothic manner, I was nearly powerless to detach the gravitation of “Epilogue”, such an enchanting number, establishing an awesome vague front of bombastic rhythm guitar passion and haunting melodic avowals. “Peace of Mind”, lowering a bit the gears from the Gothic end and into the lunges of late 90’s Melodic Death Metal, producing soothing moments with fine growl singing for the convivial of a bashing riffery harvest and a blasting rhythm section, unified to create the perfect vapor. The extinguishing of any glimmers of hope, “Only Embers Left”, materialized from the ground below, tantalizing and inspiring song, quite majestic even, a fine merger of Doom and Death Metal, entailing with a passionate melodic attitude, so dramatic and poignant. Like letting yourself go through a sea of black, NATION DESPAIR had me in their hands, a new fan that wishes to hear more of their griminess and sheer extreme heaviness. Without presenting themselves as innovative or unique, this band’s quality of delivery is of the best I have heard of late.   

4 Star Rating

1. Only Embers Left
2. Dethroned
3. Forgotten
4. Gehenna
5. Through the Darkness
6. River of Dead
7. Epilogue
8. Burden
9. Peace of Mind
Eetu Tingander – Vocals / Bass
Jukka Myllymäki - Guitars
Jussi Leppänen - Guitars
Tomi Gullstén - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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