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National Security Band – Biomimicry Award winner

National Security Band
by William Travers at 10 August 2020, 10:44 AM

A family band is always something nice to come across. Especially with a story such as NATIONAL SECURITY BAND. Two cousins who were separated at a young age and eventually found their way back to each other and thus the sound was born. Well, according to the bio I have read, the sound was born after an epic jamming session on a spring night in Dallas back in 2014, but let’s not get overly hung up on the specifics here.

I will only touch on the artwork for the album quickly. It needs to be seen, a simple yet somewhat disturbing image that plays to the bands name adorns the front case for this record. Straight away as we come trudging steadily on an intro of marching rhythm and clean-cut guitars “Tower Of Eden” is a very melodic and peaceful beginning to the album. With steady melodies that develop between verse and chorus creating a bit more attitude in the latter. One could almost close your eyes and see a tower being constructed in a stop motion style video, with the track playing in the background.

“Wired” continues in this style. Which I must say I am instantly struck by the effectiveness and depth of the music given that this is a two-piece band with only drums, guitar and vocals being covered, it is an experience to say the least. Again, the music carries the listener on a serene river that just courses over yourself. It is very pleasing to listen to.

The jam continues, peaceful and steady. “Back Way” is another soft and steady track that continues the journey down the river. Accented by some slightly heavier sections than we have seen up until this point, the music appears to be constantly developing and growing into its own beast.

As we roll into the final two tracks, “War Criminals” seems to be more of an instrumental track. There is a vocal line, however it does appear to have taken a bit of a side-line to the instruments, and that is not a bad thing. This peaceful and easy on the ear song carries us quietly into the final track. “The Scourge” which seems to have a bit more attitude overall, which one would hope so with a title like that! The lyrical content, to me, seems to be almost like the inner monologue of a concerned person, or the ramblings of a madman… I guess it depends on your outlook… Take your pick.

Overall, this is a very peaceful and exceptional album. The musicality of the entire album is absolutely fantastic when one considers what is actually involved. There are clear influences from Soft Rock and Prog and these have gone hand in hand to deliver a knockout album that is perfect to relax and unwind to. Absolutely top-notch guys!

Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Tower Of Eden
2. Down
3. Wired
4. Highway One
5. Back Way
6. War Criminals
7. The Scourge
Andy Balog – Guitar/Lead Vocals
Greg Balog – Drums/Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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