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Native Construct - Quiet World 

Native Construct
Quiet World
by YNGWIEVIKING at 15 April 2015, 11:27 PM

The post prog metal/hi-tech core band NATIVE CONSTRUCT is in full demonic possession, if its entire un-materialized soul is devoted to an inventive yet demented process, focused in playing some high profile music, however the mental health of his members should be collectively tested…Seriously, this combo hailing from Boston MA, USA gracefully growing up and developed as artists into his famous institute of music, this is the proof that the young generation is full of resources, that the untamed spirit and the adventurous is still alive and well…After the beautiful and unexpected debut self titled disc by INCURA last year, and FAIR TO MIDLAND, here is something even more curious, original and much more demanding!

“Quiet World” by NATIVE CONSTRUCT is an audacious first effort with some outstanding playing and even if it’s still perfectible, it could launch this talented trio for a long adventure, with many exciting sonic episodes in perspective!

Sit down and get ready for “Quiet World”: The introductory theme “Mute” is about thunderous beat and complex driving pace/sudden burst of blast beat violence, and then the antithetical spectacular wide gap for the soft ethereal moments and the subtlety of jazzy tones, and this trick will set the tone for the whole album!

A collection of cerebral and intricate odd time signatures, some abstract harmonic tapestry, some extreme arrhythmic syncopation a flurry of introspective specifics in a very dense session of sounds, the rest is insane drums programming, weird but an ultra cohesive choice in order to grasp the magnetism of their inhuman robust dynamics.

The amazing whirling synchronization and the asymmetric measures are complicated by some layers and layers of massive symphonic orchestrations, in a regular notion until reaching the climax for an outbursts of Death Metal fury and finally, the necessary will to focus on the individual mastery of each respective instrument in an incredible virtuous way, while continuing to be a cohesive whole and some musical hypothesis that offering a luxury of details like in “The Spark Of The Archon” and the closing obscure number “Chromatic Aberration” (SPASTIC INK meets A.C.T meets GORDIAN KNOT) which are the most thrilling pieces showing the genuine ingenuity with surprising up and downs movements, uneven twists and dizzy turns.
“Your Familiar Face” seems easier to swallow but it will revealing some major differences in their vision… maybe far from the inventing of the following track “Come Hell or High Water” but, it's also symptomatic of some weakness, some issues in the over the top and constant flux of new vertiginous ideas, some interesting harmonic concept that dies in a flash of inspiration before even get the beginning of a realization…

My only objection is that the conceptual story and the aforementioned mania of information, gave a very fragmentary and impalpable impression, somehow sterile, they need to keep on thinking about the hooks and maybe polished their skill on this aspect of things…They should work on a more concentrated development, I have the premonition under a good feelings wake, that this eventual new elaboration in their sound, could be the cherry on the icing of the cake…The songwriting method is trapped under a rich dogmatic theory, consisting of mixing those heterogeneous elements and its actual demonstration, which is mostly a brainstorm design (the counterpoint exercise of “Chromatic Lights”)…Clearly a blessing and a curse on the flip side !

Playing with contradictions is indeed attractive and jubilant for such a talented bunch of musicians, and I should admit that I understand it and I positively support this creative and limitless behavior…The vertigo is infectious and the darkened diminished flavors of textured orchestrations are balanced by some fresh spark of cabaret melodies or Broadway like the saxo/brass arrangements (“Passage”).

The excellent, majestic vocals of Robert Edens are utterly up par in comparison with the extended style by Ross Jennings (HAKEN) or Daniel Tompkins (TESSERACT/SKYHARBOR), demonstrating his ability to sing in every style with brio and efficiency…Of course sometimes his singing environment is reduced or overshadowed by the numerous instrumental parts…but his vocalization arsenal is quite impressive!

The new signing politics of Metal Blade Records, usually known for traditional US metal/doom is fresh and courageous…After the release of the two first TRIOSPHERE (the instrumental side-project of the BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME musicians), this “Quiet World” is another step for the label, in order to restore its original reputation of new talent detector, and a good way to place itself up above the rest!

Speaking of superiority and emblematic supremacy NATIVE CONSTRUCT is indeed an ambitious project that belongs to the upper range… recommended for the eager geek minds and for the lovers of cleverly crafted modern prog metal in its finest breed!

4 Star Rating

1. Mute

2. The Spark of the Archon
3. Passage
4. Your Familiar Face

5. Come Hell or High Water
6. Chromatic Lights

7. Chromatic Aberration
Robert Edens – Vocals
Myles Yang – Guitar & Programming
Max Harchik - Bass
Record Label: Metal Blade Records


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